Why South London Residents are Staying Away from Chemical Drain Cleaners

Have you heard that chemical drain cleaners are becoming frowned upon? Once, homeowners used to rave that they were the answer to all of their troubles. However, this is no longer the case. South London residents have been experiencing the negative consequences of using them and are now warning others not to do the same.

So, what is so bad about chemical drain cleaners? They might seem like a cheap and easy way to unclog a drain. But, this is not the reality. Let’s examine what they can really do to your drainage system and property.

Do Not Work

The first reason why chemical drain cleaners are losing their popularity is due to being ineffective. They simply do not work for their intended use. In particular, if you have a bad blockage, these types of cleaners do nothing. While they can mask the bad odour, they do nothing to move the blockage. This can be irritating when you think you have found the solution.

Therefore, before you waste your time, know that chemical drain cleaners often do not work. You can be left feeling displeased and know you still have to take further action to get rid of a blockage.

Environmental Damage

Taking care of the environment is crucial. Again, most people do not want to take deliberate actions to cause harm, including to the environment. However, chemical drain cleaners have the potential to cause environmental damage. The chemicals can get into the soil if they cause leaks in the pipes. Not only will it not change the soil, but it can also kill plants and make the place dangerous for wildlife.

Hence, the potential environmental damage that can be done is detrimental to your surroundings. This is another reason South Londoners are avoiding these types of products. Instead, it is better to use professional drainage services that rely on high-pressurise water equipment to clear away debris and blockages. For drain unblocking South London, call FS Drainage. They have a team that can respond quickly and does not use any dangerous and strong chemicals during their service.

Health Dangers

Nobody wants to harm their health deliberately. But, you can end up doing this if you use chemical drain cleaners. The strong chemicals are not just harmful to your home’s pipes. They can also be hazardous when it comes to fumes. This means that breathing them in can be intoxicating and bad for you. In some cases, the side effects could be severe. This can be particularly true for children. In addition, if chemicals get on your skin, this could lead to burns.

Therefore, this is a huge reason why South London residents are turning their back on chemical cleaners. They can be dangerous, and the risks are not worth it. This is particularly true when you know there are safer ways to unblock the drains. 

Pipe Destruction

Let’s talk about one of the real concerns of using chemical drain cleaners. They have the potential to damage the pipes of your drainage system. This is the last thing that any resident wants to do. But, they are convinced that the strong chemicals are capable of clearing a blockage. Even if they do this, they can damage the pipes in the process.

Some strong chemicals used in drain unblockers and cleaners create heat. This is something that is not meant to happen in pipes, which means they are not constructed to withstand it. As a consequence, they can crack and break. This is going to allow leaks to occur. This is pipe destruction that could have been avoided and will lead to a lot of disruption. So, take this as a warning. Stick with expert services so that you can avoid damaging the pipes and having to replace them.

Wasting Money

If there is one thing that we can all agree on. We hate wasting money. Often, people get suckered into the marketing of drain cleaners and unblockers. They make out that they will burn through debris and get water flowing through the pipes again. This is all at a very low price

However, South Londoners have been discovering that this is all untrue. Their plan backfired on them because these cheap products were a waste of money. They simply have not worked and had the desired effect. Then, you have to consider what the cost of a repair could be if things go wrong. Potentially, we are talking thousands that you might not have.