Why the Game of Blackjack Is Better Than Baccarat?

Earlier people used to go to the casinos for playing games. With the advent of the Internet, many online casinos have come up in the market, and attendance of the players at the physical casinos started going down. Many physical casinos shifted to the online platform and players started playing games right from the comfort of their home or office. With this, the popularity of online games started increasing and the concept further increased with the advent of the Smartphone in the market. People got used to the comfort of playing games through smartphones and the popularity of online casinos started increasing by leaps and bounds.

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Many casinos dupe people with their money and so you have to be very cautious about choosing the right casino. Go to the best casino before you decide on which particular casino to rely on.

Blackjack and baccarat are two very popular casino games and many people play these games quite frequently. But as a newcomer, you may be confused about which game is better than the other. This article is going to provide you with a comprehensive guide on which game is better to play.

To begin with, you must know how to play blackjack on the right path and if you do not know it, then baccarat is a better game to play. Here is a list of five best reasons why blackjack is considered to be a much better game than baccarat.

1. It has got more options and a variety

When you visit a casino to play the game of baccarat, you can choose to play at a small table or in a big table. When you take your seat at the baccarat table, the bet can be placed on the tie, either on the hand of the banker or on the hand of the player and there are only two choices you have. But while playing the game of blackjack, there are more choices and varieties. There are many rule variations available with the basic game of blackjack and there are plenty of games available in the market which is based on blackjack. The variety of games starts with the rules of the dealer. With a large number of variables and rules available, you can choose the one that will suit you the best.

2. Availability is more

The game named Real money blackjack is known as the most in-demand table-based game in the casino industry. This game is played by most of the players in the casinos. Baccarat is in no way popular with the blackjack games in all the casinos. You will find the blackjack games in all the casinos of the world, but you may not get the baccarat games in all the casinos. Baccarat is available in some of the territories of the world but is not available everywhere. The availability of blackjack games is much higher than the game of baccarat. Even if you are playing on your Smartphone, it may so happen that not all the online casinos have included Baccarat in their playing list. But if go through various online casinos, you may find that each of them has different games of blackjack in their playing list and you can enjoy playing the game quite well. You can play the game of your choice from your computer or smartphone.

3. Better Strategy

The strategy of playing the game of baccarat is very easy. In some cases, players even forget that even a strategy exists. The only thing is betting on the banker and even that is not needed all the time.

The game of blackjack offers a much bigger opportunity to take the strategy to a much higher level. The strategies involved in the game of blackjack is much complicated than the ones involved in baccarat. In blackjack, you will get the chance to learn the strategies, and the chance of winning the game is much higher. The biggest advantage of learning the blackjack strategy is that you can win more money and if you lose, your loss will be lesser than playing the game of baccarat.

If you want to learn the strategy of blackjack, the best way is to get a card or a strategy chart. Once you get the chart, you will have to just follow the instructions and play according to the perfect strategy. Another good option is to try all the numbers and odds and see which of the playing decision is giving you the highest profit. Since playing the game of blackjack involves more profit and less loss, it is advisable to learn the strategies and go for a higher profit. You will be able to gain in the long run.

4 . You Have a Better Chance of Winning

If you want to compare between a few casino games regarding which one is better, the best way is to make use of house edge or calculate the return to player percentage. In the case of the baccarat game, this is easier to find since the player is aware of all the three wager options.

But this thing is a bit tougher in the case of the game of blackjack because each variation in the rule sees that the numbers are changed a little bit and the change in the numbers is also determined by which strategy you are using.

For better understanding, have a look at the following table –

Game                 House Edge            Return to Player Percentage

Baccarat          1.06% (Banker bet)     98.94%

Blackjack        .25% to 1%                99.00% to 99.75%

If you do a little bit of research, you can find blackjack tables that offer a return to the player around 99.5%.

5. Advanced Tactics and Strategy Possibilities

The game of baccarat has only three wagers and nothing can be done with the base game. Blackjack, on the other hand, has some advanced strategies and tactics which can be used while playing the game of blackjack and you can easily get an edge. Card counting is the easiest way to have an edge.

Baccarat only has three wagers available. And there’s nothing else you can do with the base game. A few people have studied how card counting works with baccarat, but they’ve all concluded that you can’t get an edge doing it.

A few gamblers have been able to use edge sorting to beat baccarat, but all of the large casinos are now wise to this trick, and most casinos use cards that you can’t edge sort with now anyway. A few side bets available at some baccarat tables might be able to be counted or used profitably, but these opportunities are rare.

On the other hand, there are a few advanced tactics and strategies that you can use when you play blackjack that can actually get you an edge. The most common advantage tactic, and the easiest to learn how to use, is card counting.

Other advantage tactics include shuffle tracking, spying hole cards, ace sequencing, and ace tracking. All of these tactics can work, but I don’t recommend investing any time in any of them until you can get an edge counting.

Before you start trying to count cards you need to become a strategy master. It’s a waste of time and energy to try to count cards if you can’t play using perfect strategy.

Once you reach the point where you’re ready to learn how to count cards, pick up a book or two about the subject. I highly recommend Blackbelt in Blackjack by Arnold Snyder and Knock-Out Blackjack by Vancura and Fuchs.

Something that you need to understand is that the casino hates card counters. They do everything they can to identify counters and kick them out of the casino. To be a profitable card counter, you have to learn how to do it without getting caught, and you need to move from casino to casino often.


Blackjack and baccarat are both excellent choices when you’re gambling in a casino or at an online casino site. But blackjack is a better choice most of the time. Baccarat is easier to play and has an easier strategic component, but blackjack isn’t much harder to play.

When you use strategy at the blackjack table, it increases the return to player number to over 99%. While baccarat is close to this, it can’t quite get to the 99% level.

It’s easier to find blackjack tables because it’s the most popular table game. And finally, you can learn how to use some advanced tactics at the blackjack table that give you an even better chance to win.

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