Why Trade Currencies When There Are Stocks?

Forex indicator image 2222When people decide to trade, they often consider trading with stocks and trading with the Foreign Exchange Market. To determine which market is better to trade, we will discuss both of them. It goes without saying that both markets are connected.

The Forex market has some unique qualities that set it apart from the stock market. One of the biggest differences between the Foreign Exchange Market and stocks is size. Forex’s estimated daily trades are around $5 trillion in a day when the stock market is roughly $200 billion per day.

To be in a market that has so much trading volume can bring many advantages to many traders, and of course, if the market has a high volume, it has high liquidity. Most of the traders are investing in the FX market because of reasons like that. It is also open for 24 hours a day.

By trading Forex, investors can access a market that is far larger in scope than any other market and that is very important for traders. It also offers great flexibility and comfort there.

Today’s active investors and traders have access to a wide range of trading platforms and trading with currencies and stocks is one of the most popular ones. The most popular element may be the trader’s risk tolerance and trading style.

For example, when the trader is using a buy-and-hold strategy, then they most likely will choose the stock market and when the trader is a short-term profit lover – They would choose the FX market because they can swing trade in there.

Some people think that the stock market is better and more reliable because of the long-run profits. The foreign exchange market is decentralized and represents a trading network of users around the world, but the stock market is also immensely popular.

Narrow vs. wide focus

Perhaps the biggest contrast between trading with currencies on Forex and trading with stocks is that the focuses are the contrary in both cases. With the Forex, the focus is wider.

FX traders are more interested in macroeconomics. Axiory review here is saying that most of the traders are choosing the FX market because of the regulations and security.

The fact that the Foreign Exchange Market is not controlled by central banks is wholesome for the people who love trading. Some of the greatest brokers in the FX market are providing their traders with a  pack of money protection mechanisms, negative balance protection, or fund coverage.

The narrow focus approach works just fine at stock trading. If you are one of the traders who love to sit and wait for the evaluation of the companies shares – then this market will be your cup of tea. The situation is absolutely different in the Forex trading market.

The currency always outlines the achievement of the country’s overall economy, so the focus is becoming wider and factors like inflation and unemployment rates are important. When the trader is looking to trade with two pairs of currencies, they are purchasing one and exchanging it with another.

Other factors

Both markets are very important and active at the same time. Forex usually sees less extreme swings than the stock market. Every news affects the stock market and most importantly central bank decisions.

It goes without saying that both markets are having their own pros and cons. The most important thing is the preferences of the person because it fully depends on the individual and their strategies. There are also traders who are participating in both markets because their trading styles can be compatible with both markets.

With the FX market, there are dozens of currencies traded. Still, most of the people are trading seven major pairs.

The fact that most of the Forex brokers are not charging for commissions or additional transaction fees to trade currencies online is just beyond comfortable for some traders. In the stock market, large fund buyings are always more likely to be affected by something.

With currency trading, the size of the whole market is helping the trader to trade as much and as long as the trader wants.

FX is usually traded via brokers and banks when stocks are traded on exchanges where the businesses and companies are registering and trading with their shares.

What should traders know?

Before applying to any of these markets, traders should have some knowledge about the financial markets in general. Both of these are very important and complex trading markets in the world and of course, each of them has advantages and disadvantages. Sometimes strategies are very similar in these markets but they are used in different ways.

The main thing about trading is profits and one can obtain them from both trading scenes. It’s just that some people believe for there to be more benefits in the Forex market than in the stock market. Usually, the biggest concern about the stock market is that it’s not decentralized. Every stock trade can be ranked based on how many giant companies are stocking it sells.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Forex Market 


  • Not too centralized
  • Trader friendly community
  • Better liquidity
  • Beginner-friendly attitude toward traders
  • A chance for larger profits than on the stock market


  • Too many things to consider
  • Very responsive to politics
  • Limited options
  • It’s hard to understand the whole market

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