Why Use a Video Merger in Your Workflow?

Many Internet users in recent years need a high-quality editor for video files and for combining different pre-cut fragments. Our innovative online video merger platform meets all the needs of both amateurs and professionals, and the result exceeds all user expectations. Below is a detailed description of how to work with this editor, as well as its advantages over similar software.

What is the Video merger platform?

Our Video merger platform is a deconstructed editor for working with media files of any format and size online. When working with the editor, the following user goals are achieved:

  • Uploading files to the internal server storage of our platform.
  • Processing images until the desired size or format quality is achieved.
  • Cutting tracks and fragments through the adjustment of the timeline.
  • Arrangement in the desired sequence of all cut fragments of the future edited file.
  • Gluing all the fragments into a single video file.
  • Saving the received video series with preliminary conversion to the desired format for playback on any device.
  • Sending the received file to the addressee by e-mail or messenger.

Even a child can teach how to work with Video mergers since the program is extremely simple and does not require special skills to merge video fragments.

How does the Video merger platform work?

When a customer visits the site, he can combine different fragments of his video file in just a few minutes, for which he needs to follow all the steps of the following simple algorithm:

  • Selecting the desired video file or its fragments from the memory of a PC or mobile device online.
  • Consistently uploading the required number of files to our servers using the automatically appearing toolbar.
  • Selection of the boundaries of interest for each fragment of the loaded video on the timeline.
  • Cutting a video file into fragments.
  • Removing unnecessary fragments that are not of interest to the user.
  • Sorting of fragments selected for gluing on a separate working field of our platform.
  • Correction of each video series to improve the quality of setting the desired format or size, rotate or display colors, and add effects, colored backgrounds, and frames.
  • Combining each edited fragment sequentially into one large file.
  • Checking the playback quality of glued files.
  • Converting the result to the desired format and expanding it for subsequent tearing off the media row on a PC, TV, projector, or mobile phone with an iOS or Android operating system.
  • Saving the received work to the memory of a PC, mobile device, or an external storage medium.
  • Sending the finished result to the addressee using wireless or other communication, instant messengers, and email address.
  • Uploading work to popular programs for public viewing of video files immediately in the format of interest, which prevents the sudden blocking of accounts or the return of the video by the platform administration for revision, due to the complete coincidence of the required content.

With our platform, you can create a high-quality presentation, commercial, entertainment video, and many other media files that will not differ in any way from a professional video series.

Key Benefits of Video Merger

Our client base is expanding every month, because professionals and amateurs leave only positive feedback about us on independent forums on the net, noting our following undeniable advantages over most competitors:

  • We provide unprecedented security measures for our users and their intellectual property. Each file uploaded to the system is protected by multi-stage encryption, which fully ensures confidentiality and the impossibility of hacking the system to steal the user’s private information through any channels for cyber-attacks. The security measures taken by our company fully comply with international requirements that are in force in the United States and EU countries.
  • Our developers have extensive experience in creating similar applications, take into account statistics on the level of PC proficiency of various users, offer the simplest interface, a graphical display of all electronic keys on the toolbar, and convenient statistical tooltips that help all customers to go broke in the operation of the platform.
  • If the user cannot independently solve the problems with the operation of the platform, we suggest that he contact our professional consultants through the feedback window during business hours. Here, the customer gets an answer to any question they ask, as well as other useful information about the correct use of the platform.
  • Our program works completely online and does not require a user account and registration of personal data with the generation of a password and log in. We have very powerful servers that provide fast and smooth operation, performing even the most complex tasks of editing and merging heavy video files. During operation, the risk of losing quality, resolution, and other important aspects of the downloaded video file is eliminated.
  • When working with Video merger, to merge downloaded files, it is not required to clear free space in the memory of a PC or mobile device, all basic operations are performed online, and the user only has to ensure that the result is saved to the internal memory of his storage medium.
  • The interface is easy to use, and a very simple PC user can intuitively understand it, regardless of age and experience in processing video files.
  • The program is free in the basic version, but it has everything you need to process a video file. If a professional lacks any tools, he can always subscribe to a paid version of the platform every month and actively engage in profitable commercial activities.
  • One of the main advantages of our software is the ability to save the finished result in any readable format with different extensions. More than 30 different extensions are available in our library, ranging from the simplest and most common MP4 to specialized professional applications that open on smartphones, tablets, or other modern digital equipment.

Our developers monthly improve the platform, fix bugs, add new features, and completely rework the core with subsequent releases. We always try to stay one step ahead of all our competitors and provide our customers with the most affordable, simple, and enjoyable work by getting only the perfect result of the glued video file, without the slightest trace of marriage, black bars, or image quality distortion.

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