Why Use Custom Badges for Your Business?

For a long time, marketers have given more attention to media publicity where product promotion is done on advertisement boards along busy roads and highways. There is also the TV, internet and social media platforms that have been used and well-exploited to push and promote product sales.

Needless to say, marketing is an essential part of many businesses. It is an activity that seeks to get new customers and retain old/existing customers to your business. In both cases, the objective is to make a strong and lasting impression on a customer; that is what keeps them thinking about you and your business. The advertisement method should also be simple, affordable, but very effective.

The use of custom badges has been underrated in the recent past. A well-designed badge can be an effective marketing solution for many businesses. Here are some of the reasons why the use of custom badges is an effective method to market your business.

1. Availability of Many and Dynamic Designs – There is Plenty of Room for Creativity

Custom-made badges are easily-customized by design, which allows the business owner to produce bespoke badges for different classes of the business customers. To target the kids market, you are better off with colorful badges, which are probably more prominent in size compared to designs for a corporate group of adult customers. Simpler badge designs with a strong message will appeal more to the latter group.

It is possible to have badges in different shapes such as circles or triangles since the business proprietor is the one in charge of designing the badge. The designer could choose to model the badge into a shape similar to that of the business/company logo, or even popular items like wine bottles, a guitar or football. With such options, badges as a marketing strategy increase the room for creative designs.

2. Badges are Durable

Badges can be made of wood, light or hard metal, rubber or plastic. Compared to a business card, a brochure of another paper leaflet, badges will undoubtedly last longer in the hands of your customer. The customer is more likely to preserve a personalized badge with a clear message compared to the repetitious paper-based advertisement and business cards which they often discard once they pull out the information they want.

To guarantee durability, the material and paint used must be of good quality. You do not want a badge that fades quickly or one whose color flakes off after some time. Proper painting needs to be done to prevent rusting of the metallic parts of the badge.

3. Lower Overall Costs

Max Funding Marketing Expert, Shane Perry says, “A business proprietor will need to pay recurrent costs of running a video advert on TV the same way he will periodically pay ‘leasing’ costs for billboard advertising. The cost of custom badges is incurred at the initial stage of designing and production stages of the badge only.  There are no costs paid to maintain badges once they have been given to customers of the business.”

There are no distribution costs for the badges as they are given to customers who walk into your business or given out during delivery of the product to the customer. Badges can also be issued during trade fairs, sports and corporate events.

4. Portable

Unlike billboards or running videos, custom badges are available to the customer, and they can carry them wherever they go, which only increases exposure for your business.

Many badges are lightweight, making them easy to hold and store. They can be passed from one person to another. Unless the badge is damaged physically, it has the power to “travel” from one place to another thus increasing the reach to the marketing audience of the business.

5. Badges are Relics

Badges are likely to stay around for a long while than most forms of advertising products. Many people collect and store badges as a hobby.  In this way, the historical evolution of many businesses around the world is documented.

The most substantial benefit in using badges for marketing is the cost-effective nature of this marketing strategy. If the badge is made of heavy-duty material, it is likely to last longer than most forms of advertisement.

Creative and robust badge design is vital to enhance the impact of this marketing strategy.

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