Why is vaping better than smoking?

Vaping versus smoking image 8784787484Many people think and especially youngsters that vaping has a lot of benefits over conventional tobacco cigarettes. One easily gets lost in much of the information available on the e-cigarette when one wishes to deepen the subject. The challenge here is to summarize the main advantages of the latter so that everything is clear on this topic.

The issue of electronic cigarettes VS tobacco cigarettes is very controversial, but most vapers think that it should not be, because they consider vaping is better than smoking. And why do they dare to make such a claim? Simply because they know both sides of the story, most vapers are ex-smokers, no one better qualified than them to choose the winner.

Generally, the first thing vapers will tell you is that they prefer to vape to smoke because of the health risks of smoking. It has been shown that vaping is 90-95% less harmful than smoking. However, there are many other reasons why they consider personal vaporizers to be better than tobacco.

What is Vaping?

In simple terms, vaping is inhaling e-liquid vapor, using an electronic device known as a personal vaporizer or electronic cigarette.

There are a variety of vaporizers available on the market today, for beginners and advanced users. You can find from devices that look a lot like tobacco cigarettes, which are devices that allow obtaining a more personalized vaping experience.

The e-liquid is the vaporized fluid. It is composed of vegetable glycerin (VG), propylene glycol (PG), flavoring agents and, optionally, nicotine. There is an incredible variety of e-liquid flavors on the market, and it is even possible to create your own flavors.

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Image: adapted from www.vapeactive.com.

In addition to being less harmful to health, these are the 4 main reasons:

Less Expensive

After the purchase of your starter kit, which you can get for just over 40$, all you need to acquire is the e-liquid. The average monthly cost of vaping is around 70$ to 90$, while that of smoking is at least double.  The longer you quit smoking, the more you’ll save. The economy is indeed not the same at the three(3) months or one(1) year of vaping. In short, no one can tell you exactly how much you’ll save, but you’ll save a lot of money!

Vaping smells and tastes better

If the cost was not enough to prove that vaping is better than smoking, what about the smell? Tobacco cigarettes produce an unpleasant odor, which is impregnated everywhere, in your body, in clothes, in the car, in the house, and can remain in the air for a long time.

On the other hand, the odors that say goodbye to vaping are discreet and pleasant, usually to desserts and fruits and dissipate quickly.

Less Dependance

The cigarette addiction comes, in fact, only from nicotine. The main advantage of the electronic cigarette is that it is possible to decrease as the use of nicotine, and thus become less and less dependent. This is also why this device is a perfect substitute for cigarettes for those who wish to quit smoking finally.

Vaping is an entirely customizable experience

The experience of smoking tobacco cigarettes is quite limited, usually the same taste, tobacco, a high load of nicotine and a strong blow to the throat. But vaping offers an infinite variety of options that allow you to adapt the vaping experience to your preferences and needs.

Not only there are hundreds of flavors of e-liquids, but different combinations of VG / PG produce different sensations. If the concentration of VG is higher, you will achieve higher production of steam, and if the PG is higher the flavor will be more intense, in addition to a stronger throat punch. You can also control the temperature. By doing this you are completely free to add more temperature control customizations to enjoy your daily vape sessions. Not all the vape devices provide such features.  Pulsar Rok by pulsar vaporizer is one of the vaporizers which offers temperature control feature.

Better for the lungs

Since there are far fewer toxic substances in the electronic cigarette than in tobacco, you do not take risks for your health by using it. You will undoubtedly notice the first changes very quickly. After stopping smoking, you will feel much better and will have more breathing opportunities, even if you continue to use an electronic cigarette. By switching from tobacco to electronic cigarettes, you will also considerably reduce your risk of having cardiovascular diseases, but also chronic bronchitis or cancers directly related to tobacco consumption.

Environmental pollution

Cigarette butts are made of a plastic material called cellulose acetate. Depending on the environmental conditions, a cigarette butt may take between 18 months and 10 years to decompose. But that is not the worst; the worst is that a cigarette butt used is full of toxins, harmful to any living organism that comes into contact with it. Approximately 4.5 trillion cigarette butts are thrown out per year. In the vaping, there is also waste, but nothing compared to the ecological damage of the traditional cigarette. E-liquid bottles can be recycled.


Everything, absolutely everything, about tobacco cigarettes threatens life on our beloved planet. Not only does it pollute the air, but it also pollutes the soil and natural water deposits.