Why Vaping Will Continue to Grow

If you want to study an industry that has boomed in the past decade, it’s the vaping industry.

Worth USD 15B  in 2020, this industry is only expected to expand with time. Here are some reasons why vaping will continue to grow in the future.

It’s Becoming More Affordable

When it comes to the cost of cigarettes versus vaping, it can depend on several factors.

Some places have higher tobacco prices. If you smoke a pack a day, it can add up in price.

Meanwhile, a cart of vape juice can last for weeks. You do have to add the cost of pens, but once you have a good pen, it can last you for many years.

Affordability is yet another reason why people are altering their smoking behaviors. New websites like RELX UK provide vaping products for a price that will make most people rethink their smoking choices.

It’s Much More Flexible

With cigarette smoking, you can choose between brands and flavors, but the overall appearance of the cigarette is mostly the same. Meanwhile, you can buy a wide variety of vape pens, each with its own set of features.

Not only that, but the types of vape juices you can purchase are endless. From e-juice to waxes, it allows for more choices. You can also get vape with or without nicotine. The former helps smokers kick the habit, while the latter is ideal if you want to vape but don’t want to develop an addiction.

It’s Safer Than Smoking

The evidence linking smoking to lung damage and other health effects is well-known. While we still do not know the full health effects of vaping, vaping contains fewer harmful chemicals than a cigarette.

With that said, doing proper research to understand where your vape juices are coming from can help you vape safer.

It Doesn’t Leave Behind a Smell

When a vape stops producing vapor, the smell goes along with it. The same can’t be said about cigarettes. When you smoke, it stays on your clothes, in your carpet, in your car, the list goes on. The measures you have to take to make sure your home doesn’t smell of cigarette smoke make smoking not worth it for many.

The lack of smell makes a vape more portable. While many businesses still won’t allow it, certain clubs and bars have sections where vaping is permitted.

It’s More Popular Among Younger Generations

In general, vaping is popular among Millennials and Gen Z and less popular with the older generations. This makes sense, as vaping became popular when these generations came of age.

A recent survey has indicated that e-cigarettes and vapes are the number one way in which youths consume tobacco and nicotine. The results are in, see for yourself.


The vaping market will continue to grow for the foreseeable future.

If you’re looking to invest in a marketplace, the vaping industry may be a good bet.

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