Why You Should Visit an Emergency Dentist Before It’s Too Late

Women have a higher pain tolerance than men, which isn’t always a good thing. If something goes wrong with your teeth, you might decide to wait a while before contacting the dentist. It’s tempting if you don’t have extra money lying around. Unfortunately, it’s not always a good idea. Waiting too long to get your teeth fixed could leave you in big trouble. Here are a few dental problems where it’s better to visit an emergency dentist at the earliest opportunity.

Why You Should Visit an Emergency Dentist Before It's Too Late

Getting Your Teeth Knocked Out

If your tooth gets knocked out while you’re playing sports, I’m sure you’ll be devastated. You might be able to avoid getting a bridge or implant, but only if you act fast. If you visit an emergency dentist, they may be able to reattach it to the socket. It will need to be done within a few hours of the injury, so you don’t have time to mess around. You’ll have an even bigger chance of saving the tooth if you stick it back in before going to the dentist.

Cracking Your Tooth While Eating

A crack could appear in your tooth if you bite into the wrong thing. According to Dr.Eisen, Barrie dentist, you should visit the dentist before it extends below the gum-line. Once it drops below your gums, the tooth might have to be extracted. A crack isn’t going to disappear on its own. It will get worse until it’s impossible to salvage. If you don’t get it fixed straight away, it will also start causing you lots of unnecessary pain.

Chipping Your Tooth on Something

You might end up with a chipped tooth if someone hits you on a wild night out, plus it’s possible to chip your tooth while eating a little nut. It’s hard to live a normal life if you’re afraid to smile, so it’s best to get it fixed ASAP. Dental bonding can hide chips in your teeth, and it’s a lot less expensive than getting a crown. It’s not just aesthetics you’ve got to worry about when you chip a tooth. If you wait too long, it could turn into a crack.

Losing One Of Your Tooth Fillings

It won’t take long before you know you’ve lost a tooth filling. Sadly, it’s going to cause you a great deal of pain. Instead of putting up with the pain for a few days, you should visit the emergency dentist as soon as possible. Unless it’s fixed pretty fast, it could end up causing even more damage. Nothing terrible will happen if you wait a few days, but don’t sit around if it’s causing so much pain you can’t concentrate on anything else.

Getting Something Stuck in Your Teeth

In most cases, you’ll be able to remove food from your teeth with dental floss. It might take you a while to find the problematic piece of food, but it will eventually pop out. If you’re very unlucky, it will be impossible to get out yourself. Once it’s been there for a while, it will cause lots of pain and inflammation. The only way you’ll be able to get rid of the pain is by going to the dentist once it’s too much to bear.

You’ll also need to visit the dentist straight away if your gums won’t stop bleeding, or if you have swelling that keeps getting worse.