Why you need a professional real estate agent on your side?

The real estate agent’s job is to sell properties on the real estate market. Agents are intermediaries who bring buyers and sellers together. When selling or buying a property, it is essential to have an experimented real estate agent to protect your interests.

The real estate agent has a role on the one hand at the seller’s level by using data from previous sales to help him formulate the best offer for his property, and on the other hand at the buyer’s level, to whom he proposes properties in line with his budget and his research.

Real estate agents are paid based on commissions from the sale or purchase of houses or apartments. Thus, agents earn according to their sales capacity.

The role of the real estate agent

Some agents specialize in commercial and residential real estate sales. They can work for either the seller or the buyer. They advise sellers on how to price their property and determine how the property will be marketed. A property’s well-structured marketing could potentially contribute to attracting offers more quickly.

At the buyer’s level, the real estate agent helps negotiate the purchase by making an offer and any counteroffers to help the buyer secure the property. Once the offer is accepted, the two agents work together to complete the paperwork. They will each brief their client and oversee the transaction till its completion.

As a seller, you should expect your agent to represent you and your interests. However, sometimes an agent may find themselves representing both the buyer and the seller which isn’t a healthy situation.

A good real estate agent must be a good communicator

A good real estate agent must have good communication skills. A real estate agent who communicates flawlessly has the power to influence. He can motivate you to act! He can invite you to carry out embellishment work to increase the selling price or more simply allow you to make a successful sale, he can invite you to lower the price to place your property at the market price and thus allow a sale. It is better to have a property sold for 10% less in a few weeks than a property that remains unsold for many months. In addition, excellent communication skills allow real estate agents to promote your property on the market.

Real estate agents market your property and develop effective strategies to turn potential customers into potential buyers. They are also committed to making your property stand out in the real estate market.

A good real estate agent is a good listener

Good communication skills go hand in hand with listening skills. Most successful real estate agents are good listeners. It’s a skill that helps them better understand their clients. Listening allows real estate agents to understand their clients’ needs.

A real estate agent must be a good listener, and listening cannot be taught, it involves a certain amount of stepping back to allow the other person to express their needs. The seller w has demands will surely express concerns about the price as well as the time frame and will need clear answers. In the same way, the buyer will have a multitude of requests, some of which may be prohibitive, concerning the size of the property he wishes to acquire or the number of bedrooms or the transport and educational establishments in the vicinity, and there again, knowing how to listen to means knowing how to respond as well as possible to the different requests of his interlocutors.

In general, good communication skills allow real estate agents to keep up with current trends. The real estate business is changing. Good real estate agents keep up with the latest developments in the industry. They consult each other for market information. If your agent is not up to date on current market trends, you may need to find someone else.

A quality real estate agent knows how to maintain a network of partners

Here again, some people have had personal or professional relationships with certain people for years and know how to maintain these relationships over the long term, or better yet, they know how to recognize the commonalities or needs of each person to put them in touch when necessary.

In addition, the quality of a real estate agent is to constantly renew his or her network to enrich it, which brings us to the third essential quality to make a quality real estate agent.

A good real estate agent must have a good knowledge of the market

Good real estate agents have strong market knowledge. Market knowledge makes them responsive and available.

An excellent real estate agent will make himself available to keep you informed. They will not let your call go unanswered. If your agent is not keeping you informed, find another one.

Real estate agents who understand the markets will tell you to get pre-approved by a credit professional before buying a property. As a buyer, this can be frustrating if you don’t understand it. However, a good real estate agent knows that it is in your best interest to obtain this financing prior to signing a sales agreement.

A good agent will have a strong understanding of  Real estate market economic context. They go above and beyond to close deals.

A good real estate agent is persistent and proactive

A good real estate agent must have good references and must be proactive. His role is also to provide you with proposals so that you find the property that suits you. As visits are made, he will have to refine his proposals so that your requirements, as well as your budget, are considered and that you find the property which corresponds to you.

Competent real estate agents do not give up easily and understand that some real estate transactions can be more difficult than others. Don’t be frustrated. Count on your real estate agent to guide you through the process and keep you on track.

The right agent will always find a way to make things work, even if the decisions are difficult. They will use their experience and knowledge to fight on your behalf.

A good real estate agent must be well networked and smart

A resourceful real estate agent overcomes market problems. They work with available resources to create solutions. Good real estate agents are resourceful and can overcome real estate market problems.

They are good negotiators with solid experience in selling real estate. In the course of their work, they have sold and purchased many houses and apartments on behalf of different clients. To generate leads and make the sale of your property, you need to be resourceful and have a thorough knowledge of the area. Before choosing an agent, you should ask questions to assess their resourcefulness and knowledge of the real estate market.

A good real estate agent should be able to build trust

In addition, real estate agents must have an engaging personality. They should be comfortable talking with you and confident when talking to potential buyers about your property and the benefits it offers. If you enjoy talking with your real estate agent, chances are potential buyers will share the same feeling.

A good real estate agent pays attention to detail. He or she is an excellent communicator, following up with clients and remaining attentive to their specific needs.

A good real estate agent is honest

A good real estate agent will always tell you the truth, even if doing so puts you at risk of losing the sale mandate. It takes a lot of thought and energy to be honest with someone, and a good agent will put your interests ahead of their own.

They will explain to you why your property is not finding a buyer, and from the buyer’s point of view, they will even tell you that what you are looking for as a real estate buyer is impossible to find. Real estate is a results-based business. If you don’t receive any interest from potential buyers in the first few weeks, call your agent to discuss your options for marketing your home otherwise.

A good real estate agent knows that if a property doesn’t sell quickly, it loses value and interest from future buyers. The real estate agent must have a strategy to attract buyers and sell your home. If they don’t have a strategy, you may need to consider another agent to see what they can do differently.

So, we’ve just listed a whole series of requirements that make a simple sales agent a quality real estate agent:


– Courage,

– Insight,

– Loyalty,

– Communication,

These are the essential qualities that make the quality of a real estate agent. These are above all human qualities that you must look for in any real estate agent before entrusting him with a property to sell or when you are looking for an apartment.

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