Why You Should Give Elevator Shoes A Try

GuidoMaggi elevator shoes for men

Whether you dream of being taller or wish you could find more comfortable shoes that improve your posture, maybe you’ve considered giving elevator shoes a try. Fashion is a huge part of our society and we want to dress to impress. While confidence comes from within, how you dress outwardly can improve how you feel, resulting in higher levels of confidence. You undoubtedly feel more confident when you’re wearing your favorite pair of shoes or most stylish shirt, especially when you feel comfortable. So how can you achieve the perfect balance of style and comfort while wearing elevator shoes?

Wearing elevator shoes can help you feel more confident and comfortable, with the added benefit of a boost in height. Elevator shoes are a unique and stylish method of subtly increasing your height without looking silly. So if you’re considering trying out elevator shoes but have concerns or worries about how they look or feel, there are a few important points to keep in mind.

We explore what makes an elevator shoe, including how it differs from platform shoes or high heels. Then we cover if elevator shoes actually work and if there are any potential negative effects you should be aware of, and finally, we outline all of the reasons why you should wear elevator shoes and the benefits of wearing them.

What are elevator shoes?

So how do we define elevator shoes? Typically, elevator shoes are known for being height-increasing shoes, with thickened insoles under the heel for a lifting effect. Because of the thicker base, the wearer appears taller. The key is that the elevating section appears flat, as compared with high heels. Unlike stilettos or wedges, you won’t see the arch of the insole as that is not the purpose of elevator shoes.

From the outside, elevator shoes look like normal shoes. Wearing these lifting shoes allows you to have the benefit of looking taller without looking silly or strange in flamboyant heels. Similar to platform shoes, elevator shoes can be made from different materials including, plastic, wood, and rubber.

On the outside, the shoe has a typical heel of a normal height, meaning others won’t be able to tell that you have an added insole to make you taller. There are also many other features of elevator shoes that might win you over!

Do elevator shoes really work?

When you first hear about people wearing elevator shoes, you might think that it’s ridiculous. Maybe comments from others remarking how silly they look or wondering why anyone would even consider wearing such a shoe.

You clearly don’t want it to look obvious that you’re wearing height-increasing shoes because you don’t want it to come off that you are insecure. You’ve heard time and time again how you should just be more confident and own your height. But what if wearing elevator shoes actually increases your confidence and boosts your self-esteem? What if they don’t make you look silly or unnatural?

The good news is that quality elevator shoes like guidomaggi will not only look natural and elevate your height, but they will also feel good on your feet and even provide you with that extra confidence you desire. If you can find a nice pair of elevator shoes that suit your needs, then they can really work for you. Don’t let the fear of the unknown stop you from wearing shoes that you might really enjoy.

Are elevator shoes bad for your feet?

Now that we know elevator shoes really work from an aesthetic viewpoint, how do they affect your feet? You’ve probably heard that elevator shoes are bad for your feet, but this isn’t true. The common misunderstanding about elevator shoes is that they are uncomfortable and painful for your feet.

Well, like with any shoe, comfort, and fit depending on the style, quality, and materials used. When you buy a cheap pair of shoes you will likely wear them quickly. And when they don’t offer proper support, they can cause foot pain and even lead to other problems. When shopping for elevator shoes you should view it the same as shopping for regular shoes.

Look for a pair that is made of good materials, fits you well, comes from a well-known brand, and is comfortable on your feet. If you purchase a high-quality elevator shoe, you can be assured that they are not bad for your feet.

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