Why You Should Hire a GameFi PR Agency

Play-to-earn has taken the gaming industry by storm. And with the introduction of non-fungible tokens, the decentralized finance trend isn’t slowing anytime soon. The vast demand for GameFi, unfortunately, comes with cut-throat competition. So, if you are launching your game with decentralized finance, it would be best to consider extensive marketing. You could opt to hire an in-house team for the marketing work or do it yourself. However, you will find it tedious and frustrating. What’s the best way to market your GameFi? That will be a PR agency. It would be best to hire the agency for the following reasons. 

Faster turnaround

As a game developer, you specialize in coding and that line of work. Trying to market the game yourself will take a lot of your time with little to show for it. However, a group of specialists such as the GameFi PR agency will work well for you. These firms have domain knowledge, experts, and relevant tools. Engaging such as agency will give you faster results while concentrating on other aspects of your game development and launching.


Hiring an in-house team might seem like a better option, but it isn’t. The reason is you will have to interview each member or hire an additional human resource manager to help you. You will then have to deal with the salaries of the team. You don’t need to worry about assembling the right team with a PR agency. You will get everyone under one roof and negotiate directly with management.

Explosive marketing

The secret of getting your GameFi is through influencers. However, as much as you can approach the influencers yourself, some may be skeptical about working with you. Besides that, it will take time to identify the right ones to work with. Luckily, a PR agency knows the right micro-influencers in the gaming niche to make your GameFi viral. Remember, micro-influencers have the ability to explosive marketing since they have created rapport with their followers.

Leverage on better media relationship

PR agencies also have the upper hand in good relationships with top media houses. You can try approaching the journalists, but it can’t beat the reputable PR agencies’ contacts. The PR agency will know the right approach for your GameFi to get a mention or coverage. This is an aspect even your in-house marketing team can’t outdo.

Gives fresh perspective

Groups of experts in a firm like GameFi PR agency handle different clients now and then. While at it, they gain more experience and learn new ways to market games effectively. If you want to successfully launch a game and get a good RIO, it would be best to work with such a firm. The PR agency will bring in new ideas that you wouldn’t think of if you did the marketing. Marketing is one of the sure ways of business success. And GameFi is one business that needs proper marketing due to high competition. If you are a game developer who wants to profit from your game, hire a PR agency to help you with marketing. Marketing the game yourself will cost you more and spend too much while figuring out the best approach to take.

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