Wi-Fi and Bundled Event Services for Fundraisers and Community Events

Using a company that provides out-of-the-box internet solutions is crucial if you want your fundraisers and community events to be successful. Since the advent of the Internet, how we work, play, study, shop, learn, socialize, date, communicate with others, and watch our favorite shows and movies has changed significantly. The Internet has also changed how we organize private, public, and corporate events.

In the past, as long as there was plenty of good food, drink, and music, most guests, delegates, or attendees were happy. Today, we also expect there to be a fast and reliable Wi-Fi service.

Wi-Fi and bundled event servicesHow is a reliable Wi-Fi connection set up for events?

If you have ever been to any sort of event, such as a charity gala or a product launch, you may have found that your electronic devices did not connect to the Internet as rapidly and easily as you had wanted or needed.

Today’s online consumers are not willing to put up with inconsistent and unreliable Internet connectivity. In some cases, bad Wi-Fi may be the kiss of death for a major event, especially if many of those attending are abroad without a mobile telecommunications service.

One way to make sure that your guests remain happy is to use a professional wireless solutions company. If you’re planning on holding an event sometime soon, consider the following solutions:

  • WiFi for events solutions should be specifically customized for each client’s needs and requirements. Their services and solutions must meet the specifics of your event, including the number of guests as well as its duration. The company must provide a high density and secure guest internet connection.
  • The major factors that wireless solution companies consider when providing optimal solutions include the area to be covered, the number of people and devices to be connected, and bandwidth limits.
  • By knowing the exact area to be covered and other information about the event, the company can provide wireless internet for your event that is capacity-specific. This will lead to a more reliable, consistent, and robust internet connection that your guests can conveniently and consistently use.

22 Wi-Fi and bundled event servicesWhy is a temporary Wi-Fi service important for events?

We live in a society in which we are all increasingly dependent on our smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other smart devices. We take these items with us wherever we go, including fundraising, community, corporate, and other events.

Smartphones and a reliable Wi-Fi connection have become a necessity today, whether we are traveling in an Uber vehicle or are at an important business meeting. Even if it is a product launch or a movie release, our smart gadgets come with us. Professional event organizers in today’s digital world are aware of the importance of a good temporary, high-density Wi-Fi connection.

The Houston Rockets is one of the many sports teams that have started to incorporate Wi-Fi connectivity during major events that make instant fan-engagement and real-time analytics possible. Here are some reasons why companies, teams, brands, and many other event hosts make use of temporary event Wi-Fi:

  • On-site support

Not every producer, brand, and sports team has all the tech-savvy skills to be able to build a secure Wi-Fi network for their event.

When the wireless solution company has set everything up and the event begins, it can offer on-site support to make sure that nothing goes wrong regarding connectivity.

Knowing that there is professional support, the organizers can focus on making sure their event proceeds successfully.

  • Data-driven content marketing 

The most important benefit of having a proper Wi-Fi connection in your event is that it ensures that you can gather and analyze crucial digital marketing data. You need a firm that offers instant reporting, including highlighting important data about your customers and guests. This data will help you frame your marketing approach, strategies, and activities accordingly.

  • Splash pages

The term Splash Pages refers to the opening or the welcoming page that pops up on your guests’ screens as they log on to your Wi-Fi network. The splash page can be a quick and easy medium to communicate your message and promote your brand.

  • Raise better and faster awareness

Even in today’s digital age, word of mouth is still a highly impactful mode of advertising and promotion. If your guests can communicate with colleagues, clients, business associates, and other people and entities instantly, the benefits of personal recommendations are likely to be significant.

Etymology of Wi-Fi

Etymology is the study of the origin of words and how their meanings evolved over time.

The term Wi-Fi emerged at the end of the last century. Nobody is completely sure why people chose these specific letters.

  • The first part WI is short for Wireless.
  • The second part FI is probably an adaption of the term Hi-Fi, which is the shortened form of High Fidelity.

Hi-Fi is a term that audiophiles, listeners, and home audio enthusasts use when refering to top-quality sound reproduction.


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