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It’s tough to find the right font size for the web. Whether it’s on your website, on social media or in email, text looks best when it’s presented in a way that’s easy to read. A website’s font choice will impact the way people read, and therefore, it can either turn them away or bring them in. Wide Text Generator helps you select the right font for your site.

The best font is the one that stands out. In today’s digital world, wide fonts are everywhere, and they can look very beautiful. However, too many times, when we try to add a bit of personality or style to our design, we end up going overboard and adding tons of unnecessary visual clutter. So instead, let’s get rid of the excess and go for something subtler. Using the Wide Text Generator, we can create tons of cool fonts for us to use. This is a great tool to play around with when you need a little inspiration.

There’s a misconception that a larger font size requires more attention from readers. In fact, studies have shown that when people read content in large fonts, they’re more likely to read the whole message, thus increasing the chance that they’ll become interested in what the message is about. The text generated by Bold Text Generator attracts people instantly.

What are Wide Fonts?

Wide fonts are a type of typographic element, which is a combination of the size of the lettering and the way it is spaced on the page. When used properly, they are a good way to add visual interest to your page and attract attention to specific text and elements on a webpage. They are also useful for creating a cleaner and more professional look.

Wide fonts aren’t necessarily easy to read, but they do give the page a certain feeling that people really care about what’s being said. They have a friendlier tone, and are often used in the body copy of websites that are trying to sell you something. Wide fonts can also help make a design stand out, since they have a larger space between the lines and the text than normal font sizes. Create more stylish text from our Stylish Text Generator.

Why should you Use Wide Fonts?

Font size is important because it has an effect on our overall perception of a product. Bigger font sizes generally convey a feeling of importance, authority, and value. Smaller fonts convey a feeling of friendliness and intimacy. We’re all familiar with the concept of using fonts to convey different emotions in communication, but there’s also a psychological effect to font sizes that can also influence our decision-making.

Create and Use Wide Text that are Easy on the Eyes:

Wide fonts are important because they’re more readable. They allow your audience to read and understand the content without straining their eyes. When designing a web page or email, the best typefaces to use are 12 or 14 pixels. Most computers today are capable of displaying 16-pixel or larger fonts. Make sure that you don’t use too large a font size.

One of the best ways to give your content a boost is to give your audience something new to see. This doesn’t mean making everything overly large—rather, you should choose the font that makes your content easier to read.

When Should You Use Wide Fonts?

Use wide fonts when text is long. This is true for many reasons, but two are particularly important. The first is readability, which is the ease with which someone can understand something. This means more people can do so, and fewer people can’t. The second reason to use wide fonts is that it makes the text more readable on smaller screens, such as those found on mobile devices.

Most people will instinctively gravitate towards bold or italic fonts—the most obvious choices. But there’s another option: the widescreen font. That’s the font that appears on most computer screens nowadays (the one with the wide letters). Widescreen fonts are an increasingly popular choice, because it makes headlines appear more prominent. And while widescreen fonts might feel like a subtle, understated choice, they’re not, and they work very effectively in headlines.


Wide Text Generator is all about fonts. It’s a collection of web fonts which you can add to your site and use on a daily basis. The website allows you to style your text, copy and paste it on your website, posts and projects. It’s a free service.

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