Will Live Esports Ever Rival Traditional Sport?

Live eSports looks as though it is here to stay as it has continued to boom in popularity in recent years, with 2020 having proven to be a huge year for the sporting discipline.

Ardent sports fans, though, will perhaps some rather negative thoughts about the discipline, as they may struggle to accept that it is a ‘sport’ in regards to the physical aspect, although those involved with eSports will put up a strong argument as to why it is a sport just as much as any other that is available in the world.

However, whilst there are many that continue to play a number of live games at https://www.platincasino.co.uk/live-games, there is a raging debate currently going on about whether live eSports will rival traditional sport in the future and there are some really strong points to suggest that it might just do that; if not actually overtake it in the future.

These are just some of the reasons as to why live eSports might rival traditional sport in the future:

The eSports audience can still expand greatly

Whilst many would argue that the audiences watching live sports can still increase due to new fans coming through from younger generations, the same could be said about the one that follows eSports, with potentially even more fans from different generations, as well.

Whilst gaming has always been highly popular with those in the younger generations, more and more people are starting to watch live competitive eSports action each year as gaming gets older with people who are simply getting older. As so many grow up playing games – arguably more than sports these days – there is a real possibility that watching eSports will be more popular.

For example, audiences for eSports have continued to boom each year, even before 2020 made it incredibly popular, with audience figures appearing to have tripled between 2012 and 2019. Furthermore, in the United States, eSports has a larger audience than American Football, whilst Rugby also fell behind. Figures suggested that 443 million people watched eSports in 2019, whereas 410 million watched NFL and Rugby combined; however it could be argued that those sports are not played all-year-around, whereas eSports can.

Additionally, the betting audience for eSports continues to boom, as well, with many choosing to bet on the action over more traditional sports as contests do not always last as long as some sporting events may.

New entertainment and viewing tastes have changed

Another major reason as to why live eSports can look to challenge traditional sports is down to the need for new sources of entertainment and the fact that changes in taste continue to happen.

Whilst sports fans will state that competitive sport can provide huge amounts of entertainment and unpredictability, many have simply turned to watching live eSports streams when they have become bored with their traditional forms of entertainment.

Furthermore, those aged between 18 and 25 are said to spend significantly more time each week watching other people play games rather than watch competitive sport. In fact, almost double the time, with just over 4 hours a week being spent compared to just over 2 hours and a half.

eSports being taken seriously by everyone

As eSports generally do not have any barriers of entry – except for the fact that you need to be one of the best gamers in the world to succeed – almost anyone can get involved, which has led the industry to become one that is being taken seriously by everyone; including professional sports teams.

Many have their own dedicated eSports teams that represent them, whilst the industry is set to reach the $1 billion mark in the near future. In fact, eSports is being considered so huge that it continues to be pushed and could be a part of the Olympic Games in the future, whilst big TV deals are already being touted.

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