Will the UK ban daytime online slots and sports betting adverts?

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The United Kingdom has one of the largest and most respected gambling markets in the world. This is largely an effect of it being licensed and regulated by the UK GC, one of the strictest regulators in the world. Only bookmakers, casinos, online slot sites & poker rooms that meet the highest standards of the Commission will receive a license. It has millions of enthusiastic players and more are being brought into the fold by TV and online advertising. This could change in a not so distant future as lawmakers plan on banning all TV commercials for sports betting, bingo and casino games.

The APPG launches an anti-gambling campaign

The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Gambling-related Harm is a group of lawmakers from all parties who have one particular goal in mind. They want to make daytime bingo and betting adverts illegal in the UK. They claim that by denying operators the opportunity of advertising their products online, they protect the most vulnerable citizens. Significant steps have already been made to suspend advertising on daytime television, but the opposition to the project is just as strong as support for it.

The group claimed that online gambling companies here are trying to project a false image about gambling through their sponsoring programs. These lawmakers are concerned about the prospect of young people being lured to the world of gambling by advertising. Not surprisingly, these are people who consider that gambling is a dangerous activity that can reverberate negatively across society. They doubled their efforts during the coronavirus pandemic and came up with new and more restrictive laws.

Mixed reactions from society

The APPG is counting on the support of citizens, as well as experts to push legislation through the parliament. For the time being they are far from convincing the broad audience that their proposition is fully justified. Even though they have a panel of experts backing their calls for action, there are also plenty of people who contest their measures. Labour MP Carolyn Harris is one of the most visible supporters of their plans and she has made several steps towards achieving these goals.

Credit cards can no longer be used to bet online in the UK after these lawmakers have highlighted the risks of gambling addiction and financial troubles. Changes were also made to the maximum amount that players can bet online, especially when playing slots. The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Gambling related Harm is happy with the progress made but has no intention to start here. Its top priority is to ban all forms of online gambling advertising, in an attempt to reduce exposure.

The legislation came under fire from gambling groups as well as players. There are also plenty of lawmakers who criticize the measures as excessive and not justified. They fear that if players are driven away from licensed casinos, sports books and poker rooms, they will choose unregulated ones. This will expose them to unnecessary risks and make online gambling far more dangerous for them.

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