Win Big on Football Bets This Premier League Season

The English Premier League is inarguably the most viewed football competition in the world, attracting over a million fans at once on big match days when the likes of Manchester United and Liverpool lock horns in eternal rivalry. The beloved spectacle is loved by fans, bettors, and bookies alike. Fans weigh their fortunes on a knife edge as their favourite teams slug it out over a gruelling 90 minutes. Bettors and bookies: both either win or lose big from week to week, season to season. If you’re looking to place a bet or two of your own on the Premier League, read on and remember that both winning and losing can be attributed to luck and preparation, or lack of both.

In life, whatever you do, prepare as best you can before doing it. This is especially true if you’re going to hedge your money on something. Seasoned football bettors of today rely on stat providers like Opta, and this is why football analysis is  becoming key to placing bets. Here are some useful tips and strategies that can help you understand the beautiful game and place smarter bets accordingly. 

Choose the Right Betting Website 

Before you start, know where to place your bets. Register only on reliable betting websites that are licensed and trustworthy. Check for key details. Is it easy to withdraw your winnings? What is the process? Are there any ridiculous restrictions? 

Some sites may try to lock in your winnings by placing a limit on the amount of money  you can withdraw. When you see a site offering many rewards, be wary. They’ll probably have restrictions that will keep you from taking full advantage of those offers after registration. 

Start on Your Level 

A tip for new bettors: when you’re new to betting, stick to simpler bets. Goalscorer markets make for an excellent choice. You can also place a Match Bet or Draw No Bet as both bets have lesser risk. Do this until you get the hang of the game before betting properly on it.

Once you’re familiar with the markets, you can start taking calculated risks. You’ll have an easier time placing bets on a specific league too. 

Do Your Homework 

Knowledge and research matter when you’re placing bets. Nothing is certain when you place a wager. However, when you take the time to know the betting markets, you can better understand the factors and variables at play. This gives you a considerable advantage, allowing you to place more winning bets consistently. 

However, there’s no shortcut to this. You must study and learn about familiar markets to cut through market confusion. You can increase your chances of winning only when familiar with the market behaviour.

Take the Small Wins

Celebrate every win, even if it’s a small one. Too many people often look for big returns, but many experienced bettors know better. If you want to bet like a pro, you must remember every little win helps. Winning small bets might not be flashy, but they can consistently put money in your pockets.

When you want to enjoy more success in the long run, go with the “small wins” strategy. Try this out on markets like Double Chance, Over/Under, Draw No Bet, and more. 

Track Your Bets 

Make sure to keep a record of all your bets. It can show you what tips and strategies worked for you. You can fix your weaknesses by learning where they are: before you place bigger bets. A record also provides an accurate view of how much you’ve improved, if the changes you’ve made are working out, and what else you can do to improve your chances. 

When you understand your game, you have a greater chance of placing winning sports bets. You can also gauge when not to place a bet, which is even more important for long-term gains.

Bet on the Lower Leagues

If you’re betting on the EPL for the first time, you need to remember how competitive the league is. That’s why the lower leagues like the Championship can be an intriguing option. Some bettors believe the talent isn’t as great in these leagues, which makes games easier to predict. However, you won’t have the enormous information you’d get otherwise. Try to find data on previous leagues and make decisions based on the current player form.

There are a few days left till the Premier League season pauses for the FIFA World Cup in Qatar, but it will surely be back with a bang after the international break. You can look up the weekend’s fixture list and gather player stats and see head to head records between opponents.  Tottenham versus Leeds seems to be an intriguing game, with Conte’s inconsistent North London side taking on a resurgent Leeds at home.  However, the game of the weekend has to be at Stamford Bridge, where floundering Chelsea will take on the team some consider the team of the season so far: Newcastle United.

Both matches could make for great returns but there are other great fixtures you can bet on as well. Make sure to check out the latest news, fixtures, lineups, and every other detail before placing your best bets. You can check your local TV listings for times and schedules and also place bets on our website after a simple registration.

So place your bets! Ladies and gentlemen!

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