5 Tips to Win Cricket Fantasy League Matches

Cricket Fantasy League matches have always been a craze among sports lovers, especially when the IPLs were around the corner. However, the year 2020 made a difference in how these games were looked upon. With the lockdowns being declared in every nation due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the fantasy matches on platforms like MPL fantasy app grabbed the attention of people who have always aspired to have some time to spend relishing their favourite games.

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The fantasy gaming industry is dominating the globe because of the inclination of sports lovers of all ages towards the games they loved but couldn’t enjoy because of their tight personal and professional schedules. However, the most preferred sport among teens and mid-aged individuals is cricket. Times Now has come up with the most effective tips and tricks for individuals who are looking forward to winning the match to be held on Sydney Thunder versus Hobart Hurricanes, which will surely be valid for any upcoming games.

Given the significance of sports in the lives of the people, many other sources have come up with the tricks and tips to win the cricket fantasy league matches. Here is a list of what we have sorted for you as the five most useful tips to win the game.

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Assess the capabilities of players

To win a cricket match, the most important thing is to have a great team. Hence, choosing the players is what gamers should focus on. Sometimes, making a choice could be difficult as not every player is consistent in his performance. Thus, assessing the qualities of the ones being considered is the most significant thing to do to record a win.

There are certain players who are consistently performing good while when they are in an important match, they fail to show their magic. On the contrary, the players who are average suddenly show their efforts and help a team to reach new records. Hence, it is important to assess the capabilities of the players being shortlisted before they are asked to join the team. It is recommended not to take into consideration the form of the players only, but the potential and performance too before taking the final decision.

Get the pitch and weather reports

Do you know the difference between a high-scoring and a low-scoring pitch? Well, if you are a real cricket fan, you will surely have an idea about it. Before you are ready to start the game, examine the pitch first. This, in turn, will let you make ideal decisions for the match. Having said that, there are gamers who hardly pay attention to this aspect of the match. In case you have a dry and slow pitch for the game to be held in the afternoon, choosing more spinners would help you more than selecting a swing bowler.

Equally significant is to get the weather reports prior to starting the game. After all, it will determine the strategies to adopt while you are involved in the game. If you want to seriously win the match you are involved in, never forget to be aware of the pitch and weather conditions beforehand. As soon as you find the weather and pitch reports suitable and are sure to proceed with the sport with your team, kick start your game.

Pick participants based on the rules

Like the real cricket games, the fantasy versions also have a set of few rules that gamers are required to follow. For example, if you are preparing for IPL Fantasy Cricket, you should know the appropriate ratio of Indian to foreign players to be included. According to one of the rules jotted down by the Fantasy Cricket IPL 2020, the Indian to foreign players ratio in a match should be 7:4. Similarly, different fantasy matches and tournaments have a different set of rules and regulations to follow. As gamers, you all are expected to be careful enough in going through the same.

Make sure you form a team and formulate the strategies as per the specific rules meant for specific games.

Choose captain and vice-captain carefully

Selecting a Captain and Vice-Captain is a crucial determinant so far as a win or loss is concerned. This is because if you choose them wisely, it will give you more points by increasing your possibilities of winning the game. While a Captain gets 2X points of the total scores made by him on the leaderboard, the Vice-Captain secures 1.5X points for the actual scores made by him. Hence, you should select such players who could prove to be a game-changer for the contest.

Choose capable top-order batsmen

The series in which the batsmen appear on the field is also a very crucial factor that determines how a game proceeds. If you are a captain, it is your prime responsibility to decide which batsman will follow whom. Prepare a sequence for top-order batsmen. It might not be a final selection and could be subject to change based on the current situation in the match. But still being prepared and keeping the players prepared beforehand is always recommended. When you have the best top-order batsmen to enter the field one by one, be assured of recording big runs for the team.

Though the above-mentioned tips and tricks can help you win even the toughest cricket fantasy league matches, as gamers you too require to use your own senses to determine the current situation and act accordingly. Secondly, associating with a reputed website for playing fantasy games and winning prizes is important at the same time. You can trust MPL whenever you wish to play a fantasy match to fulfil your aspiration of being a cricketer. It is trustworthy, reliable, and secure in all respects.

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