Wireless Workplace – 5 Technological Advances for a Safer, More Efficient Business

Wireless workplace image 489994
hoto by Matthew Henry on Unsplash.

We live in a fast-paced world fueled by technology, and it’s vital that we keep our businesses up to date in terms of security, efficiency, and productivity. Client information and business operative systems are crucial to protect. Failing to secure data can prove fatal, and not communicating with clients as quickly and smoothly as they expect may turn them away. People are used to the smoothness provided by modern technology, so harnessing the latest innovations is key to delivering the results they expect. Here are five technological advances that you can use to strengthen the security of your business and improve efficiency.

1. Lock Smart and Be Safe

Smart Bluetooth door locks are a far surer method to secure your business premises than the old-fashioned lock and key. Unlike traditional locks, smart locks have no keyhole and are therefore impossible to pick and bump. You also get to do away with the inevitable nightmare of misplacing your keys and being concerned they fell into the wrong hands. With a smart lock, if the code ever becomes compromised, it can be changed and secured again within seconds. No need to spend all that money changing over your locks. Finally, smart locks save you the pocket space of keys, leaving your pressed pants looking smooth and sharp.

2. Monitor From Home

Worrying about the security of your office doesn’t contribute to a good night’s sleep. That’s why business owners are turning to remote monitoring systems. These devices sense any movement in the office and send an immediate notification to linked phones. If you’re a worrywart or are legitimately concerned about the security of your office at nighttime, consider installing a remote monitoring system.

3. Track Employee Performance

Employers want to make sure they are getting bang for their buck and that their employees are using their time productively. That’s why they have traditionally been wary of remote employees who clock their own hours and are impossible to track. Companies are now using employee monitoring software that allows them to track the screen-time and activity of remote employees and evaluate how they’re performing. 

4. Automate Everything You Can

Are you the type of person who occasionally forgets about meetings, payments, or emails that need replies? If so, there’s never been a better time to make automation your best friend. Countless business chores can be automated—from paying monthly bills, to assuring clients that their emails have been received, to updating database contact details. Automating will free your head of chores and allow you to invest your time and energy in more productive tasks that genuinely need your input. 

5. Put It On The Cloud

If your files aren’t yet on the cloud, it’s high time you put them there. The cloud allows members of your team to view each other’s work regardless of where they are in the world, enabling smooth collaboration. The edits of one team member on a file appear in real-time on other team members’ devices. The cloud also enables easy access to archives, allowing team members to efficiently retrieve information, doing away with the annoyance of going through unnecessary middlemen to access data. This improves productivity and avoids frustrating hold-ups. Finally, the cloud allows you to access your files from any computer at any location. Wherever you are, your work can be there too.

Maintaining your company’s technological edge is crucial in order to succeed in today’s market. Keep your eyes and ears open to the latest trends and the newest technological services available. Then put them to use, improving your business’ security and increasing its productivity.