With Phone Rig, Your Next Vlog Device is Not a “Camera”

In recent years, the world of vlogging has experienced a significant shift. With advancements in smartphone technology, influencers are no longer bound to heavy and expensive camera equipment for their vlogging pursuits. In fact, with a phone rig in hand and a simple vlogging phone, many influencers believe that their most valuable vlogging device is no longer a traditional camera.

Advantages of Using a Phone Rig for Vlogging

But doing smartphone vlogging is only beneficial if you are doing it the right way. That is where the phone rig comes in. It would help if you had a premium phone cage rig to make better-quality videos to inspire your audience. Here are the advantages of using a phone rig for smartphone vlogging.

  • Image Stabilization

One of the primary drawbacks of smartphone vlogging is shaky footage. A phone cage addresses this issue head-on by providing a stable platform for your device, eliminating jitters, and enhancing the overall quality of your videos.

  • All-in-One Solution

A phone rig is more than just a stabilizer. With built-in mounts for microphones, lights, and other accessories, it offers a comprehensive and professional solution for all your vlogging needs.

  • Versatility of Smartphone Setups

Content creators are often out and about with multiple phones, and different video footage may require different camera positions and perspectives. Unlike specialized camera equipment, many phone rabbit cages are universal for multiple phone models, allowing for flexible filming needs.

  • Flexible Scenes

Vlogging is all about capturing the right moment at the right time. And with a phone rig, you are not confined to one location, angle, and setting. Its compact design allows you to shoot in various locations and movements, thus giving you the freedom to capture the scenes wherever you want.

  • Cost-effectiveness and Portability

Traditional camera equipment is bulky and expensive. A phone rig offers a more affordable and portable alternative without sacrificing quality.

While the advantages of using a phone rig for vlogging are numerous, it’s essential to acknowledge the limitations. No smartphone can fully replicate the image quality and depth of a professional camera. However, for content creators who prioritize portability and convenience, the smartphone, especially when paired with a quality and functional phone cage rig, presents an attractive and highly viable option.

SmallRig’s Whole Solution for Vlogging

SmallRig presents exceptional phone rigs to vloggers who want to lift their content creation game. Here are two famous devices that will help you in making vlogs.

  • SmallRig All-in-One Universal Video Kit 3384B

The All-in-One Video Kit 3384B is a comprehensive solution for vlogging and live streaming. It is a versatile device that supports handheld and tripod shooting, making it ideal for various vlogging scenarios.

  • Compatibility

This phone cage is adjustable to fit smartphones with a width ranging from 62mm to 86mm, including various iPhone, Huawei, and Samsung models.

  • LED Light

A mini-LED light with adjustable brightness and color temperature, powered by a built-in 2200mAh lithium-ion battery, with a 105-minute long-lasting working time (maximum brightness). This will ensure the optimal lighting for your videos.

  • High-Quality Microphone

Its shotgun microphone captures clear, directional sound, minimizing background noise. Also, the microphone is battery-free and comes with both camera and smartphone cables.

  • Mobile Phone Rig Kit 4392 (Dual Handheld) for iPhone 15 Pro Max

The SmallRig Mobile Video Kit (Dual Handheld) 4392 is a dedicated two-handed video kit explicitly designed for the iPhone 15 Pro Max. It is crafted to enhance stability during video recording and comes with a wireless control for convenient “one-click” shooting.

  • Varied Accessory Mounts

This kit supports a range of accessories, from microphones to LED video lights, ensuring a comprehensive vlogging experience.

  • Quick-Release Design

The new SmallRig Quick Release feature facilitates easy switching between horizontal and vertical shooting orientations.

  • Lens Compatibility

The cage can accommodate M-mount lenses and, with a backplate change, can also support 17mm/37mm threaded lenses and Moment T-series lenses.

  • Full Access to Your Phone

The design ensures that all iPhone buttons, ports, and features, including the MagSafe wireless charger, remain accessible.

These phone rig kits blend functionality, versatility, and quality, making them excellent choices for vloggers looking to elevate their content creation game.


One of the primary reasons for such a massive boom in vlogging is the ease with which these vlogs are now being created. Today, you can quickly expect to see a well-crafted vlog made by smartphones, especially iPhones, which was earlier possible with the help of a professional camera only. This shift can be attributed to various factors, including phone rigs, high-quality shooting, and quick uploading of clips via smartphones.

SmallRig stands as a pinnacle of innovation and dedication for professional camera accessories. We have always prioritized our users and co-creators, working closely with them for over a decade, and is a trusted name in the field.

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