How Women are Breaking Through Glass Ceilings in 2020

Until recently, the job market has been incredibly skewing in favor of men. Chauvinistic practices were rife across a number of industries, and the majority of high-paid positions in the world’s top firms were occupied by men.

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While this process hasn’t flattened out entirely, there are reasons to be cheerful about the future and to hope for a more equitable job market in the years to come. Here are three reasons, in particular, why women are smashing glass ceilings like never before in 2020.


For many years, girls have outperformed boys in school, college and university. This trend continues to develop across the US, showing just how many attentive and diligent young women are emerging into the job market this year, or will be doing so in the future. Application at school has a huge impact on one’s future career, therefore this is a promising trend to watch if you’re a woman looking to break into senior positions at work.

As well as education results, though, there is also a higher proportion of women attending university and college than men. This is across the board and though there are some male-heavy courses, there’s a general consensus that women are getting more out of further education than men and are bringing this extra learning into the workplace as young professionals.

Leadership Training

One of the prejudices that the world has inherited from a less equal period of time between the sexes has been the assumption that only men are cut out for leadership positions. Thankfully, some of the world’s most powerful women have shown just how nonsensical this assertion is, and they have been making waves in the fields of politics, economics, business and social causes.

The focus on leadership as a development tool for women in industry has led to the creation of the Women in Leadership Certificate, which trains women how to lead in such a way as to rise through the ranks to achieve their potential in the workplace. This course, spread over a number of modules, is giving a leg-up to the most ambitious women entering the job market today.

Motivation and Belief

Trailblazers are the most important people in the world. They come in all shapes and sizes: Nobel Prize winners, freedom fighters, political dissidents, and minorities who show the world just how tough and competent they are in some of the most important roles in the world. Women have now been trailblazing for some time across a range of industries and this is leading to a rise in self-belief.

After all, it can be difficult to picture yourself, as a woman, in a boardroom that’s only thus far been composed of men. Those trailblazers who have made a space for women to occupy in some of the highest jobs in the world are providing younger women with role models, advice, and belief to make it in their careers, climbing the ladder to success like never before.

These three factors have influenced the continued rise of women in the workplace and as an inspiring part of the global workforce in 2020.

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