Women’s Cricket in India: Breaking Barriers

The cricket scenario for women in the Indian subcontinent is no longer the same as it was a century back. This change was sped up even more lately by the emergence of mass media, the development of skills and competitions, and international competitions. The most famous moments in cricket are related to men’s performances, but women’s cricket is surprisingly catching up and even outperforming men’s at an incredible speed. Sponsorship and marketing strategies that showcase women’s cricket teams competing have contributed a lot to the sport gaining public recognition.

The ICC has designed a program to enhance, progress, and protect cricket with fresh tactics. A key objective was the development of women’s cricket. In 2021, ICC chairman Greg Barclay said: “I believe that events for women should be at the same level as men’s events in terms of issues regarding equality and recognition.”

The Women’s Cricket World Cup that took place in Australia in the year 2022 is a testament to the rapid progress of women’s cricket. The flow of audience grew substantially, thereby generating more revenue and improving the quality of the sport and its media coverage. Women’s cricket has also left its mark on the betting industry, https://india1xbet.in/en is indeed a paradigm of this.

Women’s cricket, just like any other female sports activity, has always been aimed at attracting fans attending the matches as well as business providers for sponsorships. Sometimes women’s representative sides have even refused to be involved in World Cups because of the financial constraints of the Netherlands and West Indies, which there was in the 1978 World Cup.

History of the emergence of women’s cricket

The roots of women’s cricket can be traced back to the 18th century when the first ever four-day game where two villages, Hambledon and Bramley, of Surrey County, which was near Guildford, England, went against each other. In 1924, the dream of women’s cricket in the UK began and in 1934, women’s associations in Australia and New Zealand started respectively.

Only one year after the women’s World Cup was initiated in 1973, the men’s World Cup was prepared for the audience (1975), and this event was more successful in terms of commercial promotion due to its established viewership and media coverage. The current state of affairs in women’s cricket is such that women are not far behind: 2022 saw the Women’s World Cup break the record and become the most-watched women’s sports event ever; it received 1.64 billion views via International Cricket Council channels.

Today, cricket is played in 105 countries worldwide, with 39% of its 1 billion fans being female. The inclusion of women’s cricket into the Commonwealth Games was announced by the Commonwealth Games Foundation in August 2019. The event was scheduled for 2022. The tournament was held in Birmingham with only one venue hosting all the matches that involved eight teams in a T20 format.

In 2015, the women’s franchise cricket came to life through the Australian Women’s Big Bash League, and in a very short time, in 2016, England and Wales launched the women’s cricket super league and it lasted for three seasons.

Women’s cricket performance and statistics

Overall, the attendance at the women’s games was 10,400 at the end of the second season in 2022. Moreover, Sky Sports and BBC simultaneously broadcasted 10 men’s and 8 women’s games, which were free to watch. This broadened the appeal of cricket, in general. Sanjay Patel, director of The Hundred, said: “One of the aims of the Hundred is to widen the scope of the sport and provide an opportunity and platform for everyone, including players, to demonstrate their skills both on and off the ground.”

One such platform is best live betting, where you can learn more about the aspects of the sport. Papua New Guinea head coach Kat Hempsenstall, in an interview about the women’s performances, said, “The more resources put into the women’s game, the more we see great results, faster cricket, and a more athletic game. The skill set of top-level players has improved with access to better coaching staff, training facilities, and the opportunity to play more cricket.” 


Today, cricket is slowly transforming from a game for men and boys to a game for everyone. The broadcasting of women’s cricket on television and the influence of social media have helped to increase the visibility of women cricketers. 


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