What’s A Work Order and How Your Business Can Use One

There are so many buzzwords in the world of work and industry at the moment that it is critical to be as informed as possible in this regard. This article is an informative piece on the concept of a work order and why these have become important in the management of field technicians or remote working teams.

What is a work order
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The work order

At its most basic, the Work Order (WO) assigns responsibilities, specific tasks, or jobs to a staff member. They are generally issued after a maintenance or service request from a client or customer and are often sent and actioned remotely via an online work share system.

The customer from whom the job or task is requested must be included, with all contact details of the technician or employee who is going to contact them to finalize the work. It is also pertinent for billing and invoicing that the order be as detailed as possible, so that everyone who reads it is crystal clear as to the work to be done.

The work order should also contain exactly what the assigned technician or staff member will need to complete the task. Additional details might include other team members, the tools required and the time it is expected to take.

It used to be that the work order was a hard copy form that was then sent or pinned to a contractor’s job board, but all these processes are now electronic and online. There are many software packages for different aspects of work, from IT technicians and support to preventative building maintenance.

All sectors can access and use work orders to distribute, complete and even charge for work done. One option is to manage work orders with Facilitron for facilities management, allowing you to complete the entire process online. It also allows everyone with a stake in the facility and its management to be kept in the loop at all times as to the maintenance schedules and outstanding tasks.

The new normal way of working

The work order has changed in use over time. As we move into a totally new way of working and with hybrid and remote working now the norm, the work order has become the main process and system used to assign jobs and tasks to these remote workers in an easy way. They can be used for office-based work in addition to their original purpose, and the norm is that they can be used for technical, repair and maintenance work.

The more IT maintenance and integration of all business processes are done in shared online spaces by employees working remotely, the work order will become increasingly important. It provides a clear, concise, and accurate means of distributing tasks and jobs to a remote workforce. When all employees know what is expected of them and the tasks they need to do over a period time, their productivity will be increased. The work order is a great tool for this reason.

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