Workers’ Compensation Lawyer: 5 Reasons Why You Should Hire One

A lawyer may be beneficial for your business

We often hear people discuss serious matters, like dealing with a workers’ compensation case alone. Of course, this process would be very simple if we lived in a perfect world. However, that isn’t the case. In reality, this process can be very frustrating that you need the help of a workers’ compensation lawyer to guide you.

The time it takes for you to receive the benefits of the claim will depend on several factors. These factors include:

  • When you reported the injury
  • How your employer cooperates with reporting your injury to the insurer
  • How complex your injuries are
  • When the claim gets disputed

Medical benefits usually begin immediately, and you should be able to see your preferred doctor. But other benefits won’t start until you’ve been gone from work for at least 6 calendar days. One example would be wage-replacement benefits. And if you suffer from a permanent disability, the benefits won’t be paid until you have reached the maximum improvement.

If the workers’ compensation claim gets disputed, it may take a while to receive the benefits. Accoridng to Pittsburgh workers compensation lawyers, if the claim gets denied, you’ll need to file an appeal, and this could take several months. If you want to reduce the amount of time required to settle the claim, then you will need the help of an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer.

Hiring a worker’s compensation lawyer is a good idea

Let’s take a look at five reasons why you should hire a workers’ compensation lawyer:

Reigniting the claim after it gets denied

Many people think that filing a workers’ compensation claim is easy and that they can do it on their own. But they will often face the bitter reality once their claim gets denied. A good lawyer knows which evidence to gather to force the insurance firm to a more favorable settlement. In the end, hiring a lawyer can help you build a better compensation case.

Improving negotiations with the insurance firm

Dealing with the insurance firm is probably one of the most challenging aspects if you don’t have a lawyer. The lawyers for the insurance firm already handled perhaps a hundred or more cases, while this is most likely your first case. Because of this, they might try to pull routine maneuvers you aren’t aware of yet. A good lawyer, however, will know.

A good lawyer knows how much you should receive, and what you’re entitled to. They also know if the other party is bluffing, and will not give in to pressure.

Ensuring that the agreement is correctly worded

The wording of your agreement can negatively affect other benefits you’re seeking, such as the SSDI. People in other states receive lower SSDI payments if they’re receiving a certain amount of workers’ compensation. However, there are ways that will help you get the maximum benefits. If you don’t have a lawyer, you might fall into the traps set by the lawyers of the insurance firm to lower the payments.

A good lawyer will help you ensure that the agreement doesn’t contain hidden clauses that will cause you to lose money.

Strengthening your chances in court

Not all cases are held in conference rooms – some cases could proceed to trial before a judge. Trials aren’t only time-consuming but are also costly. They can be difficult to handle for someone who doesn’t have a lawyer.

The attorneys of the insurance firms will do what they can to bury you under a ton of paperwork, especially if they know that you lack legal knowledge. Don’t take that chance, and hire an experienced lawyer to help you get through the judicial system.

Dealing with related legal issues

Sometimes, cases like this can be complex, especially if someone else contributed to your injury. Aside from the workers’ compensation case, you’ll also have to deal with a third-party negligence claim.  Because of this, your workers’ compensation lawyer will be a great source of advice against the other party.

A good lawyer can handle both matters at once and discuss how one case can be affected by the other. This helps you maximize the benefits for each case. Your lawyer can also advise you if additional compensation is available to you.

Tips from a workers’ compensation lawyer to protect your rights after an injury

If you get injured at work, you shouldn’t assume that you’ll automatically get the full benefits or that your insurer will approve your workers’ compensation claim. After all, a lot of workers’ claims get denied. If you want to protect your rights after getting injured at work, you need to do the following:

Report the injury

Never hesitate to report the injury to your employer. Doing this as soon as possible should be your top priority. Provide the notice in writing to your employer, and make sure that you have your copy for record-keeping.

Seek medical care

If you need immediate medical care after the accident, then do it. If you need medical attention, make sure to look for an approved provider and keep all the detailed records of the treatments you receive.

Follow up with the workers’ compensation insurer

Providing your employer with your notice of injury isn’t enough to maximize the benefits you’ll receive. You also have to check if the insurer has already received the accident report. Also, see to it that that they are processing your claim.

Stay away from the social media platforms

Believe it or not, but insurance adjusters would look for ways to diminish the value of your workers’ compensation case. They’ll look for ways to pay you less than what you deserve. If you post things on social media platforms implying that you aren’t as injured as your claim says, or that you’ve already healed, then it will negatively affect your claim.

Get in touch with a workers’ compensation lawyer

When filing a compensation claim, working with an experienced lawyer is your best option. If your claim has already been denied, or if you think the benefits are too low, your lawyer will help you get the benefits you deserve.

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