Working From Home vs. Renting an Office

According to research conducted by Zug, a Switzerland-based multinational provider of serviced offices IWG, around 70% of people globally work remotely at least once a week. These kinds of jobs weren’t born overnight because of the Internet, i.e., it is not a completely new phenomenon. Everyone worked from their homes before the Industrial Revolution, long before downtown offices and commuting ever existed. That was the norm.

Working from home vs renting an office - image for article 2200The Industrial Revolution brought automation and the creation of factories. After WW2 ended came the rise of corporate headquarters, huge offices, and cubicles. This is the time when the 8-hour workday was also created.

We are living in a different time. The birth of the Internet brought the possibility of working remotely. Some choose to work full-time others occasionally work from home. But the fact is that “working remotely” became a possibility and more and more people are starting to enjoy that kind of life.

Working from Home

Only people with a certain kind of skill can successfully work from their homes. You either have to be a person that doesn’t care about distractions and can be productive while other family members run around the home, doing their chores, or just talking or playing around you. If this is something that bothers you, you have two different options. Either choose a soundproof room without any distractions or rent an office just for you.

Rent an Office

Working from home means that you can have a better work-life balance, increased productivity, better focus, less stress, and you don’t have to travel to your work. However, the first thing you need is concentration and loneliness.

If there is always someone asking questions, talking or just walking around your home, you will have a hard time trying to be productive. You either set boundaries or rent an office. Just ask around, choose an office near to your home, hire a man with a van to move essential stuff you need and start working.

Digital Nomads

Being a digital nomad is a third option… This kind of life is for those “lone wolf” personalities. They are remote workers who usually travel to different locations and do their work from coffee shops, different co-working spaces, public libraries or wherever they can find free wireless internet. They do their work from wherever they want. This way of living (or working) is for people who haven’t started their families yet, who are alone, like to travel a lot, and think that this could be a thing for them.

Working from Home

Why Should You Choose Working from Home?

By working from home you learn to rely on yourself. You are the only one responsible for motivation, discipline, focus, concentration, and overall productivity. It will build the essential principles you will need for the future. And on top of all, you will be fully independent.

You will get more work done as long as you are not using that time to watch your favorite subreddits, funny YouTube videos, or Netflix. And, if you sit down and organize your schedule (and workspace), you will find a way to spend more time with your family, exercise and get the job done.

Why You Shouldn’t Choose Working from Home

You will need to have a dedicated workspace. You may be able to dedicate an entire room to that home office or even build a special basement lair that could be an awesome office. Most of us end up setting up a desk in a corner of the living room. In this case, your workflow only depends on the goodwill of the people you are living with.

Your workday will become a part of your home life. This can again lead to burnout because you will forget when to stop working.

Working From a Special Office Space

Why Should You Choose Working From an Office?

Fewer distractions (if you avoid social media). No kids, no pets, no chores or anything that could divert your attention from the work.

In case you have a “virtual team” you can use that space for “team-building”. And it’s always better to meet your clients or business partners in the office than inviting them into your house.

Why You Shouldn’t Choose Working From an Office

You will have to commute. This means that you will be away from your home and you won’t be able to complete all the household tasks.

Additional expenses. That office is not free. You will have to pay the rent for that office space and not only that. There is a matter of electricity, Wi-Fi, phone lines, etc. You could make a deal with other people with similar plans for the future, work together in the same office, share those expenses and maybe learn from each other. However, that depends on what you want – to work alone, or in a team.

You don’t want to let the distractions distract you, but they will. At your home, your family will be the one that distracts you. And by renting some office space you expect to be alone, but that won’t be the case in most cases. There will be other people in that building. They will come to you whenever they are taking a break.


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