Working Remotely: How to Communicate

Working remotely is more and more common, even essential, in today’s day in age for many people. It can increase productivity in many ways. Even now, people in charge of big groups of people can now monitor staff working from home easily.

Online meetings are necessary - not face to face

How to Communicate

Making the shift to working remotely involves somewhat of a learning curve. Perhaps the biggest thing to get used to and take into consideration is communication.

There are three main ways that communication pops up in a day’s work when working from an office:

  • Phone calls
  • Emails
  • Face to face exchanges

All three of those ways are possible while working remotely, even face to face exchanges. They may require more coordination but let us get into how it can be done effectively.

Face to Face Encounters

Whether it be a meeting, dipping into your pal’s cubicle, or office a business meeting, face to face interaction is a big part of work for many people. You may think that it is only possible while working in a brick and mortar setting, but that is not the case.

Numerous video call services exist today to make it possible. In situations where face to face interaction could benefit you and the other person, simply coordinate a video chat. It is personable and makes the communication very clear.

Phone Calls

Coordinating phone calls while working remotely is key. You need to keep a clear track of what calls need to be made as well as the calls coming in. It is important to acknowledge and adequately address all calls coming in. This applies to coworkers and people inquiring about the business.

Consider using a VoIP system so you can personalize the system if need be. It is a good business practice to fully and respectfully handle each call that comes in. While not in an office setting, there may be more distractions, but you should still be picking up that phone.

Solid customer service is very possible in remote working and if you pay close attention and keep track of calls, it should be easy.


Making proper use of email is key. You and your coworkers can stay in touch, share documents, and maintain communication via email.

If you need to dedicate a specific email address for work or if your employer requires it, make sure to keep track of it. When a lot of emails come in, it can be hard to field them and respond to all of them. The last thing you want to do is let an important email slip through the cracks and go unanswered.


Talk to your employer or fellow remote workers at the business you work for and coordinate a method of communication. If you are all on the same page there will be very little room for error.

Luckily, with today’s technology, working from home is easier than ever and provides far more benefits than pitfalls. It is just a matter of how well you are able to stay on top of everything. Come up with a clear plan of communication and share it with the people that it directly affects.

If something isn’t working, such as not being able to keep up with the calls, consider adding lines or using a system that can field calls to other people with your business when you are not able to.


With proper planning and enough forethought, you can smoothly communicate with anyone that you need to while working remotely. Focus on establishing a system and sticking with it with consistency so that you can work just as well as if you were surrounded by coworkers or under direct supervision.

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