Writing Articles For Websites: Two Simple Methods to Earn Money

Writing articles for websites for money is growing in popularity and thriving these days. This is due to the well-known crisis. A lot of journalists are out of jobs, the yellow press isn’t as popular as it once was, and people’s trust in the information offered in all newspapers and magazines isn’t as strong as it used to be.

Most users start looking for accurate information on the Internet rather than in printed sources. In addition, users are also looking for somebody “who will be able to write my paper for me”, and blog owners who want to maintain the popularity of their websites. As a result, there is a great demand for writing articles for websites, respectively, there are jobs for writers and journalists who can work remotely. Indeed, in order to write articles, it is not necessary to go to work every day, it can be done in the most pleasant places, for example, at home with a cup of coffee or in a pleasant cafe.

Is It Profitable To Write Articles For Websites?

Writing articles for websites for money is profitable! Judge for yourself, for a thousand characters employers pay from $100 to 500, depending on the quality of content. Even if you have no experience of working as a journalist, I think that writing three or four articles a day will not be difficult. And four well-researched articles a day – that’s $400.  High-quality content written by industry experts costs $250 per 500 words. And if you write high-quality content every day, including weekends, you’ll make at least $ 7,500 every month. Not a bad prospect, is it?

America’s roughly 111.5 million full-time workers and employees earn an average of $4,265 a month without paying taxes. At an average salary in the city of $4,265, the amount of $7,500 seems decent as for a freelance writer. And, in theory, you can earn that much if you write paid interesting articles for websites every day.

How To Sell An Article On The Internet In Two Simple Methods

Well, now the most interesting part: to whom and how to sell an article on the Internet, and how to find customers for a copywriter.

Method 1: Finding Freelance Writing Websites

The easiest way to find customers for a copywriter and essay writer is on freelance writing sites. Contena.co is one of the top websites for authors. But Contena is a paid membership site. Contena membership will give you access to a complete course for starting your freelance writing business, plus their suite of powerful tools for finding the best remote and location-independent writing gigs. You need to create an account and then you will be added to the waiting list and notified when the website is open for new members.

Another very good website on which you can earn good money is Upwork.com. While the marketplace has a wide range of freelance work, there are many freelance writing tasks available, including everything from blogging to resume writing, website copywriting, and technical documentation. However, the main disadvantage is Upwork’s 20% fee for the first $500 you earn with any client. In addition, you must pay up to $0.90 for every proposal for which you were not specifically requested to apply. So, if you’re just beginning to start, you might have to pay to play to build your portfolio.

Let’s move on to the second method of finding customers for writing articles

Method 2: Finding Customers

It is very simple. To do this you just need to find those websites, selected according to your sphere of specialization, and send an email introducing you as a copywriter and showing your interest in starting to write articles for their blogs. Offer to write a couple of articles for free for review, and if the site owner likes your articles, then consider that you have found a customer and work for yourself.

If from a hundred sites a positive answer comes from at least 10, and this is quite realistic, then be sure that you will be loaded with work in full. If you write and sell one article per day for each site, that’s 10 articles per day, and the cost of one written well-researched article for the site is at least $100, you will get $1000 per day. And it’s all quite realistic.

What Is More Profitable To Write Articles For Sale Or On Your Site?

If you need money immediately, then, of course, you need to write articles for someone else’s site, and you will receive payment for the written text on the same day. But it will become your regular job, just like all the others. You can take a longer, but more profitable path. Organize a business on earning from the site. All the articles you write, post on your site, the attendance of which, after a while will grow.

Which way to choose, you decide for yourself. If you want to make money immediately on writing paid articles, that’s your choice, but if you want to invest in the future, then create your own site and develop it.


Helen Wilson is a professional content writer. Her main spheres of specialization are Copywriting and Business. She also studies topics about psychology and health.

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