You’re wrong if you think SEO is only about keywords

SEO marketing is a nuanced skill that takes into consideration many things. There are other factors that can affect one’s search engine rankings apart from keywords, although they do play a big part. We can spend months working on the best positioning of SEO but might find that it falls flat.

You’re wrong if you think SEO is only about keywords
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There are plenty of websites which have failed in their implementation of SEO. This article will attempt to offer solutions to common problems faced by website owners and SEO agents like SEO company UAE alike.

The problem of spam traffic

Websites may sometimes get a lot of incoming traffic that they are unable to retain, i.e., they push up your site’s bounce rate. We refer to these types of ‘visitors’ as spam traffic. Bots, for example, can send traffic to your site. The visitors are not real ones. Even though spam traffic is harmless, it can skew your data analytics.

Bounce rate is a measure of the percentage of online visitors who leave rather than move onto another part of the same website. Webmasters all aim for the lowest possible bounce rate.

Google recognizes spam traffic as an error and will then be able to effectively remove it from your analytics. You can do this through Google Analytics. From the administration tab, select the site that you wish to fix. From there, you can exclude all bots and unknown spider traffic. Once you save your new selection, your data will be much more accurate and representative of the true number of visitors your website receives,

Another option is to block the domains manually. Choose each of the spam links that are referring traffic to your site. From the reference option under the acquisition tab, click properties and go into your administration tab. You can choose to customize the exclusion list and add in any suspicious sites.

The problem of duplicate content

At school and university, we are penalized for plagiarizing, i.e., copying and pasting text from other writers. The internet is no different. Google will filter through these duplicated sites and more often than not, it does not choose the original content for the highest rank. If your content is being duplicated elsewhere, it will affect the standing of your site.

If you are selling products on your website and have copied and pasted their descriptions, delivery details, etc., you will be directly competing with other websites which have done the same. The best method is always to create original content, no matter what it is for.

What if you’re a victim of stolen content? You can dispute this by creating a report. Make sure you choose the “Copyright and other legal issues” option when you do this.

The problem of spam comments

Spam comments will hurt your site’s ranking even if nobody is clicking through on those links left behind by spam bots. Google picks up on the kind of websites you’re linking to, and if they are of low quality, the search engine will clump your site with them, thereby hurting your site authority.

Fortunately, there’s an easy fix. All you need to do is turn on comment moderation and make sure that none of the spam comments are getting through your gatekeeper.

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