Xbox Partners with Adidas to launch Xbox Sneaker

Source: Xbox

On 6 October 2021, Microsoft’s Xbox announced its partnership with Adidas to launch the striking new sneakers, which are based on the theme of the original 2001 Xbox console. Although Xbox has teamed up with Nike in the past, it was only for creating some limited edition consoles. This is the first time that it is collaborating with a shoe brand for creating sneakers. The sneakers, which have been dubbed ‘Xbox 20th Forum Tech’ sneakers, are being launched to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Xbox console.

The launch event

According to news reports (Source:, the Adidas Originals Xbox Sneakers will be the first collaboration between the two companies. To celebrate the start of the partner, Adidas and Xbox created a launch trailer for the sneaker collaboration. This trailer has been titled ‘Adidas Originals by Xbox – 20 Years of Play’. The trailer features the first generation Xbox console with a translucent green body. Its footage is reminiscent of the early 2000 era when the skateboarding culture was at its peak. It has been filmed like a skate tape and follows a group of friends skating through a park and pulling off tricks wearing the 20th Anniversary Adidas Originals Xbox 20th Forum Tech Sneakers. They are also shown playing the retro game ‘Halo: Combat Evolved’ on the green Xbox console.

There is also news that Microsoft is planning to launch Xbox Series X-inspired mini-fridges later this year. More information about this launch will be provided in time to come.

Adidas Originals’ Xbox 20th Forum Tech’ – Design Elements

The new and exclusive Adidas Originals Xbox 20th Forum Tech sneakers will feature translucent green details, and they are inspired by the original Xbox console. The first generation Xbox console was launched in 2001 with the famous game Halo: Combat Evolved. The sneaker has a color scheme of black and green, and you can also see the old Xbox logo included on the tongue of the Xbox sneaker.

The Xbox sneaker has been designed to embrace modern technology while balancing it with an element of nostalgia. The sneaker is representative of the limitless future of Xbox, as Microsoft celebrates the last 20 years of gaming. These limited edition Xbox 20th Forum Tech sneakers will be used by Microsoft for giveaways. However, it does not end here, as there will be more Xbox-themed sneakers that will be launched soon.

The marketing manager at Xbox, James Monosmith, said during the launch that this marks the beginning of the company’s partnership with Adidas. The 20th anniversary will be celebrated over the next few months, and they will come out with many more sneakers which will be inspired by different generations of Xbox consoles. In late 2021, an X-box-themed sneaker will be available for purchase for all Xbox fans.

Always Played In. Never Played Out.

With this collaboration, the companies are launching a global program which has been titled ‘Always Played In. Never Played Out.’ This program will celebrate the popular eras of gaming that have evolved in the last 20 years. This program will commemorate the 20th anniversary of Xbox and the magic it has created in the gaming industry. A company representative said during the launch that shoes are meant to be played in, just like the games are meant to be played.

Notably, many collaborations like these are coming out recently. The Microsoft-Adidas partnership follows the collaboration between Sony, Nike, and Paul George that was announced early this year. The PS5-themed sneakers, which were marketed by the basketball player, Paul George, were a treat for the fans when they were put on sale. Nike and Sony had also partnered in 2018 on PlayStation sneakers.

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