Should you use an XLR or USB Mic for Content Creation?

As someone who creates content on various platforms, there is the various essential equipment you need. If you think about it, the audio is a very important part of your content. It has the potential to make or break its quality. So you have to keep it at par with the standards, same as for the video. Now, as you might know, there are different types of microphones available to you.

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A lot of creators wonder whether to use an XLR or USB microphone. Here, you can find all you need to know to be able to decide that for yourself, so keep reading.

How do they compare with each other in various aspects?

There are some ways in which both types of microphones differ from each other. Not only that, but they also have an edge over the other in various aspects. That’s why you need to take them into account. Only then would you be able to make a decision. After all, requirements differ from one user to another. Here are the main points of difference between XLR and USB microphones:-

1. The connection

Among all the differences, the way they connect with your computer is a fundamental one. The USB ones, as you might know, they connect directly to your device. However, that’s not the case with the best XLR microphones. They require an interface between them and your computer. Otherwise, they won’t be visible to your device. So you would probably find the USB microphone simpler in this matter. However, there are many other aspects to consider before you decide.

2. Ease of set up

One of the things you might want in your microphone is an easy setup. The USB ones undoubtedly fare better in this matter. All you have to do is connect them to the computer, and it connects directly to it, as we’ve seen.

So, they can be considered to be a more friendly system for beginners with limited knowledge of microphones. They would find it simple to use right from the first time. As for the XLR microphones, it’s not that they are complicated to set up overall. They are only so when we compare them to the other type.

3. Portability

Depending on the purpose you’re using it for, you might have to take your microphone to various locations. As such, you have to choose one that is suitable for it. You would want one that is portable and easy enough to travel with. XLR microphones have a weak point in this matter as well.

You’ll find USB ones to be offering comparably higher portability than them. So as far as portability goes, you want to choose them over the other XLR microphones.

4. Durability

Apart from being able to travel with it, you might also want your microphone to be a little hardy. There can be many situations where this characteristic can save the day. Besides, it’s always better to have equipment that can endure more. In this matter, USB microphones stand at a disadvantage.

Moreover, you can’t repair them once they’re broken. Either you won’t find the parts or it would cost quite a lot. Therefore, it would be more feasible to buy a new one. XLRs on the other hand offer comparably more durability. They are made in a way to ensure you that. Moreover, you won’t have to worry if they get broken. You can easily find a new part if it needs replacement.

5. Customization

You might be required to use the microphone for various purposes and settings. For that, you have to find an appropriate one. You must make sure the one you choose offers the level of adaptability that you need. When it comes to the best XLR microphones, they fare comparably better in this matter. This is due to their connection type with the computer.

The fact that they use an interface for that provides an advantage in this case. As a result, you can use them along with much professional audio equipment. USB microphones, on the other hand, have no such thing. Since they connect directly, they offer comparably less adaptability.

6. Cost

While looking for a suitable microphone, you’d also probably want to consider the price. There’s a significant difference between both types in this matter as well. USB microphones are more suitable for you if you have a low budget.

They have a low price and also don’t require any additional investments. On the other hand, XLRs have a higher cost. Apart from that, you also have to invest in a good interface and other such things in their case. As a result, the overall cost of getting one is comparably higher.


The points listed here are the main differences between the types of microphones in question. Now from what it seems, they have their share of advantages and disadvantages. Neither of them can be said to be better than the other.

However, XLR microphones are undoubtedly more suited for professional use. The USB ones, on the other hand, would be better for beginners. So as you can see, both of them can be viable. So which one you should use is up to your preferences and requirements.