8 Tips for Your First Business Class Flight

International flights are a great way to travel between different countries. However, when it comes to a long trip spent in economy class, people can experience lots of discomfort. Not enough space for your legs, mediocre food, an exhausting check-in procedure, limited entertainment options, and other inconveniences are waiting for passengers of coach class.

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If you really want to feel comfortable, you should book a business class flight. Moreover, this will ensure an amazing travel experience because you will likely enjoy the whole trip from arriving at an airport to landing at the final destination. Those who fly in top classes will definitely enjoy more benefits than those from economy class.

However, not all business class flights are the same. When traveling this class for the first time, you may not know about all the benefits that you can use. In order to make your experience as great as possible, you should learn what to pay attention to when choosing a business class flight. Сheck out  this site for the best prices. In this article, you will find helpful travel tips to ensure a really great time during your travel.

Tip 1 — Enjoy Delicious Meal at a Lounge

For passengers from first or business class, very nice meals are served at lounges to make their waiting pleasant. You should be able to pick a preferred dish from a la carte menu. However, not all airlines offer the best meals. When choosing a company, you should check how good it is at treating its passengers at lounges. You may even find airlines offering premium dishes prepared by top restaurant chefs. Also, it may be possible to get amazing meals on short-haul flights that last just a few hours.

Tip 2 — Choose the Right Seats

Flying for many hours will be more pleasant if you pick an ideal seat in a business class cabin. You should be able to find seat maps to choose the right option. For instance, if you travel alone, you can opt for a throne seat. However, if you travel along with your partner, you may want to pick a mini-cabin to enjoy more intimacy. Some airlines offer business class seats with the leaning back, but you may also want to make sure that they can easily transform into a comfortable bed, especially if you are going to have a good sleep on board.

Tip 3 — Take advantage of Amenities and Extra Service

Even little things can make a significant difference. Isn’t it great to have a magazine to read when you want it? Quickly get a glass of water or champagne? A dedicated service is all about making you enjoy your travel. You can have amenities both before and on board your flight. Those include tasty meals and drinks, additional entertainment options, special attention from aircraft staff, and other little things that will make your travel unforgettable.

Tip 4 — Book a Car

Did you know that business and first class travellers can use this service for free? While not every business class flight offers this option, you should check if it is available and take advantage of it. You may be traveling to an airport in a fancy car, so your incredible travel experience will start right away.

Remember to check the website of an airline to see if this perk is available. You may need to scroll down to the “All rights reserved” section to find this info. Also, you can try to find it in the FAQ section or just contact the customer support of the company and ask them about that.

Tip 5 — Go through a Menu

What can improve your mood better than a delicious meal? Some airlines post menus created for business class passengers. In this case, you will find out what to expect and benefit from. Moreover, some of the best companies allow booking a special meal beforehand.

Tip 6 — Opt for Quick Check-in and Check-out Procedures

You will not have to wait for several hours to pass all the check-in and check-out procedures. As a passenger of business class, you will be able to do that in a quick and hassle-free way. Additionally, some airlines also offer online check-in procedures for you to avoid waiting at all.

Tip 7 — Check out a Drink Selection

One of the best things about top-flight classes is that passengers can take advantage of the amazing selection of various drinks. What is it that you prefer? Is it wine, champagne, beer, or something else? You can totally refuse from alcohol consumption. However, some people would love to take a glass of welcome champagne or other deluxe drink to relax, have a fun time, and enjoy a good sleep.

Tip 8 — Access a Lounge during a Layover

When flying business class across different time zones, you may need to change aircraft. Flying long haul will be less stressful if you enjoy quick lounge access. As a passenger, you will be able to spend this time with comfort. You will not have to pay any additional cost, since everything like food, drinks, and amenities will be included in the price of your ticket.


Generally, if it is your first experience in traveling business class, you can do very simple actions not only to ensure an amazing time but also to make it really unforgettable. Just plan everything carefully and remember about the things to pay your attention to.

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