Your Garage Floor Checklist in Details: Do it Like A Pro

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Installing a new garage flooring may demand your speed and timeliness. The garage space is one busy space, so you do not want any downtime going on. But once you turn the mats and the pieces of machinery around from the garage flooring, you see severe concrete damages.

For you to have a clear, polished flooring project get going, you need today’s checklist. Listed here are facts and considerations for you to take note of and follow while you renovate the garage area in your properties.

Working on garage flooring, you have had in mind the following:

  • Plan
  • Schedule
  • Material to use
  • Garage area size (is it a 3 car garage size or a 2car garage, or more)
  • Budget
  • Degree of repair

You see a crack, dents, holes, and flaking floor coating that needs deep repairing. The process may take you so much time. While you got an option like calling a local flooring service such as garage flooring Burlington, you also think of DIY garage repair and use a quality floor resurfacing with epoxy flooring Mississauga system.

Whatever garage flooring path you take to revamp the space as quick as possible, you have to prepare yourself and commit to working on the flooring no matter what.

What Should I Include in My Garage Floor Revamp Checklist

The following part of this article explains to you the essential factors when you renovate your garage floors.

#1 – Steps of Floor Installation

Your garage flooring checklist must take note of these critical steps:

  • Step 1 – Preparation. The first step requires that you prepare the floor. Clean the surface to remove old residues of the former garage floor coating. According to the expert installers of commercial concrete floors St Louis all flooring, project failure is due to a lack of flooring prep before installation. The floor coating does not properly adhere to the concrete surface because of dust or tiny solid objects that make the surface rough.
  • Step 2 – Installation. The installation process relies on three primary methods. First, grinding. To grind the floor means that you need a smooth, dust-free surface to allow a coating to hold on the surface effectively. It is not enough to clean the surface. You also need to make sure that it is entirely polished.

The second is to repair chips and cracks. Once you ultimately uncovered a clean slate, there’ll be an instance where cracks, thin creases, or chipping come out. Seeing the early signs of concrete damages will save you from expensive repairs. Once you see those minor signs of flaws on the floor, repair, fill, and patch them first before applying your floor coating.

The third step for installation is to clear the surface once again. Check to see if there’s a moisture build-up somewhere. So, after you have prepared the floor, repaired it, and cleaned it, it is now ready for coating.

  • Step 3- Coating. The coating application will depend on what product you will use. The steps above are all crucial, especially if you are choosing an epoxy floor coating. Depending on the degree of foot traffic your garage area requires. You may need to apply more than one layer of coating. The most proper way is to use the clear coating as a finishing. Garage floors have a high-gloss finish most of the time. That type of finish both meets top-quality form and function.

#2- Area Size

Now, this next in your checklist will help you decide on all other important factors. The area size will also tell you if you can go with DIY garage floor repair. If you have assessed that your property takes a massive space, it is best to let a pro do the job.

Consider this, too, if you got a huge commercial garage flooring to fix. Letting yourself do it will only lead to more hassle. An expert flooring contractor applying the roper garage floor coating and letting them finish the project will save you from bigger issues. The experts use their own tools and equipment that they can finish remodeling the flooring area at once.

#- 3 Time

Now that you have considered the area size, there are also the labor coast, material cost, and time to think. Consider the time. Are you working in a business area? You need to finish any renovation in your flooring so that it will not impede your business flow.

# – 4 Location’s Climate

Some garages prefer to install epoxy flooring. But to do this, an installer should check and see if the time and weather will favor the process. For effective coating and remodeling of a garage area, it is best to do it in a humid season. This way, the installer can preen moistures to appear on the concrete floors’ surfaces. Thus it paves the way for practical flooring revamp.


If you have considered the steps and other factors that this checklist provides you, then you are good to go. The checklist offers you to go through the process neatly, even if you hire a professional flooring service. Having the steps to check out from your list guides you well on what is going on in your properties.

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