Your Guide to Watching the NBA Finals

Nothing beats the satisfaction of seeing your favorite NBA team play a final. The road to reaching such peaks is often a journey of turmoil and belief, a tale of ups and downs. So when it comes to the final day of a tournament and your team becomes the talk of the town, all you may want is to watch your team performing live and making history.

As such, you might want to watch your NBA team play the final, at least for a first-hand witness account. That might leave you with questions about which between getting a ticket and being among the audience in the stadium is a good choice. Either way, watching your team play in the finals is a feeling that nothing can beat, regardless of how you choose to do it.

As this year’s NBA finals approach, you might need extra help understanding the best practices to make the moment lively and enjoyable. This guide will offer tips and tricks to make the NBA finals fun and indulging.

1. Decide How You Want to Watch the Finals

Fans watch their favorite teams play NBA games live all year round, primarily through television rather than physically availing themselves in the arenas. So, right away, you might want to switch to streaming channels or cable networks. That can effortlessly settle your concerns if you’ve ever asked, where can I watch NBA finals this year?

However, finals typically hit differently, and getting the chance to attend them physically can be wholesome. You may only have to beat the traffic and competition to win a seat by booking early before everything falls in place.

If you’ve opted to watch your NBA final at home via television or streaming, all you may need to do is prepare early by identifying the best channels. However, getting into the arena of the final may require that you prepare further.

2. Connect with Other Fans 

When attending the NBA final arena, connecting with other fans can give you a sense of belonging and friends to have fun with. Try ditching your private car; after all, you may find parking your vehicle challenging with all the traffic in town. Instead, take the subway and walk in the streets; you may bump into an old high school friend or make a new one headed that way.

The fun of traveling with crowds heading into a game is that any moment can lead to bursts of shouts and cheering, revving you up. If possible, try not to take a cab when in town. Instead, join the rest in the long walk to the doors of your NBA final arena—that’s way more fun than doing it behind the wheel.

3. Prepare and Come Early 

The early bird catches the worm, and this saying bears tremendous significance when it comes to physically attending an NBA final in an arena. Arriving early in the arena can help you pick the ideal seats for the best views. Such seats get loads of traffic and can be hard to grab when you fail to beat the clock.

Snatching the best spot can give you a wholesome experience and viewing pleasure as it lets you witness the account unfold before your eyes. Besides, they’re prime spots for lucky moments like kiss cams or the cameras getting you noticed, which you could use to reminisce on your visit in the future.

4. Get Your Jerseys and Other Supplies Ready

Every NBA fan has that one jersey they’ve stashed somewhere for matches, including finals. However, if you don’t have one, it’d be best to order them online or visit your nearest sportswear store to purchase one. NBA fans often show solidarity and support to their fans by donning matching jerseys, so please don’t wait to grit your teeth if you fail to.

Jerseys identify you with the pack but do way more, including giving you the comfort of solidarity with the rest of your team’s fans. It breeds a sense of community and togetherness and can add a much-needed personality to cheer on your team with resolve. On the same note, you must prepare your supplies, including drinks and snacks, to keep you indulged during the big game.

5. Mind Your Space 

NBA finals can get arenas flocking, and sometimes, the space contained may be tiny to fit the large and rowdy masses. With different personalities around you, you may have to be more careful with your belongings, keeping them close to avoid theft. The last thing you might want in such moments is to get stressed about losing your prized electronics or other items of high value.

Also, please always keep your family close if they’ve tagged along with you to the arena. Try to throw frequent glasses at your little ones for some situational awareness and to prevent them from getting lost in the crowds. Above all, remember to address everyone around you politely to prevent altercations when emotions are high.

6. Don’t Leave Early

Most fans may take off before the game ends when they feel their team doesn’t have what it takes to win a basketball game. The frustration of waiting for the final whistle and having to take all the banter from the opposing fans can be debilitating, and right so. However, basketball finals usually hit differently, and there’s always the resolve to keep cheering your team to the last minute. 

So, please don’t be rushed to leave early, regardless of how the balance is tipping. When in a losing position, it’d be wise to keep giving everything you’ve got to keep your team going. After all, finals have their surprises; you never know when your team will pull a shocker and bag the day to make you regret missing the moment when you get into a premature exodus.

7. Live in the Moment and Worry Less about the Results

It’s always a good feeling to be on the winning side in an NBA final, but it’s worse when you lose. It may crush you, but remember that your team has done their best to reach the top. If anything, that’s worth celebrating by living in the moment and savoring every second. You should note that it’s wise to train yourself to deal with a final loss in case your team doesn’t grind a win.

If your team wins, savor the moment and join the rest of the fans in celebrating your glory. You can stick around a bit longer to witness the trophy presentation and get every moment in your head. However, please be prepared for any outcome to avoid unpleasant surprises that could steal your joy.

Bottom Line 

NBA finals always come with a pack of fun to let you live the moment the best you can. You might, therefore, want to know where and how to watch your favorite team pull all the stops to get the trophy in the bag. While you can stream this big game online or indulge in your cable TV, physically availing to the stadium can be more fun if you can manage to.

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