What To Do In Your New Office Before The Movers Arrive

Congratulations on your new office! Your employees are probably very excited and so are you. The movers are coming soon, but until then, what do you do? Sitting around and putting your feet up isn’t your style. You want something to really get your blood pumping. Then it’s time to format your office. Do everything before the movers get there and your office will be in perfect shape to get up and running.


New office - Floor image 1New carpet? Tile? Linoleum? It doesn’t matter what’s beneath your feet, but you need to treat it before your office chairs arrive. Carpet should be thoroughly cleaned by professionals. Tile needs little more than an inspection of the grouting, a sweep, and a quick mopping.

Linoleum may be a little more tricky. Sweep, mop, and seal the linoleum for your best protection. You may also want to add protection for desk posts and office chair wheels while you’re down there.


New office - Windows image 2Though we’re certain that you have a cleaning service coming to keep the office tidy, it doesn’t hurt to give the windows a quick wash before the furniture comes in. While you’re over there, you can add your curtains or any other decorations you desire. It will be quicker and easier to access your windows now rather than leaning across desks to do so.

We also suggest that you check your windows for functionality. Even new windows may stick, and an emergency situation is not the time to find out that they do.


New office - Restrooms image 3Hire a cleaning crew to scrub the restrooms down a few days prior to the movers arriving (or as far in advance as possible). Strong detergent smells can be vented prior to occupation if you plan this service far enough in advance. Oftentimes, cleaning companies use tough scrubbing agents to provide the most sparkling restrooms for brand-new businesses. Given a little while to vent, these will leave a great impression.


New office - Mapping image 4Though we’re certain you had an idea of where to put everything when you toured the building, this is the time to lay out a map. Not only will this layout help your movers know where to put certain boxes and furniture, but you’ll be able to use it as a reference for your employees as well. A map is an incredible asset to have when approaching a new building, making it so much easier to find relocated supplies or coworkers who are now in different areas.


New Office - Electronics image 5While you’re mapping, take a good look at where your electrical outlets are. This can help provide you with a basis for work stations and other necessary components. Beyond that, there may be other requirements for electronics.

For instance, many fax machines still require a corded hookup for their usage. This means that you’ll need to plan to place fax machines near areas with those wires available. Don’t have them? You’ll need to schedule an appointment to have them installed—and it is always easier to do so before the movers arrive.

In addition to this, you may need to get certain certifications for your electronics (such as microwaves in certain fire code areas) or ask for the services of an electrician to pump up the amperage of some service boxes.

Breakroom Prep

Breakroom prep 44The one room you were unlikely to bring with you is the breakroom. We recommend having the refrigerator delivered prior to the rest of your belongings if this is true. Why? You can build your breakroom around the appliances and furniture. If food prep areas and cabinetry are already installed, it’s much easier to slip benches or couches in their proper spots.