Your Ultimate Guide to Buying Bongs Online

Buying a new bong is a momentous occasion in any true stoner’s life. Bongs are the most heavy-hitting tool at your disposal for consuming marijuana in a traditional sense.

Now with the advent of the internet, you can peruse many different kinds of Bongs Online. If you are looking to buy bongs online you may be looking for a specific type of bong.

You can buy both cheap bongs online or high-quality ones depending on what you are looking for. Check out this guide to find out the best place to buy bongs online.

Why Buy Bongs Online?

12% of Americans admit to being marijuana users. Although this percentage seems small when compared to the total population, it consists of almost 40 million people.

This huge market of stoners has resulted in a giant variety of smoking apparatuses and places to buy them.

Although it may be tempting to visit your neighborhood headshop and see what they have in stock, the key to getting the best deal is to look for bongs for sale online.

Not only will you be getting the best deal on your bong, but you can also peruse a much larger inventory than any brick and mortar headshop is capable of having.

Using an online headshop also affords you the luxury of searching for your perfect bong from the comfort of your own home. This means no standing in line, driving all over town, or risking exposing yourself to virulent diseases.

You can sit back, enjoy a strain of your favorite marijuana and put your feet up as you check out candidates for your next perfect smoking apparatus.

Bong Materials

Like snowflakes, no two bongs are exactly alike. For starters, bongs can be made from different materials. Glass bongs are the most common type you will find. You can find glass bongs for cheap online at any major retailer.

While glass provides the most traditional and pure option for smoking your marijuana, it is not very durable.

If you drop a glass bong, as will inevitably happen to anyone who gets a bit too high, it will shatter into a thousand pieces. Due to this fact, bongs are fashioned from a variety of other more durable materials.

Plastic, vinyl, and silicone are some common glass alternatives to bongs. For those clumsy stoners who don’t trust themselves or their friends around a glass bong, these can be excellent options.

Bong Sizes

In addition to being made from a variety of different materials, bongs come in a bunch of different sizes.

From the meager 1-footer or less to the massive multi-foot bongs of lore, your bong can be as big or as small as you desire. Keep in mind that a large bong requires a large lung capacity to hit.

They will also get you really, really, stoned. Make sure to take this into account when selecting your bong.

Bong Shape and Coloration

Bongs also come in a dizzying amount of shapes, styles, and colors. The classic bong is a straight tube with a down-stem and a bowl.

Today’s talented glassblowers often stray from this classic design and produce works of art worthy of any museum.

Bongs with curves, spirals, and non-conformist shapes are common nowadays. Take a look at what is out there when selecting your perfect bong.

You can also find a startling amount of unique colorations for your bong. These range from the classic clear glass, to every color of the rainbow. You can design custom glass inlays and other artistic features as you see fit.

Attachments for Your Bong

Your bong is the foundation for your unique stoner masterpiece. You can outfit and expand your bong with a variety of different attachments.

From ice catchers to charcoal filters and bubblers, each attachment serves its purpose. Do a bit of independent research to see what attachment best fits your needs.

It never hurts to ask around to some friends about what they like, or base your bong around a friend’s cherished bong that you always enjoyed smoking from.

Bong attachments are utilitarian but it is only your creativity that limits what you can do with them. Make your bong its own beast with unique bong attachments.

Selecting Your Bong

With so many bong options out there selecting your perfect bong can be overwhelming. It is best to narrow down your options by asking yourself some key questions.

First of all, what kind of stoner are you? Are you a heavy hitter that wants the biggest buzz possible or more of a casual smoker who likes to take a hit or two? You might be something in between.

In general, the larger more advanced bongs are for heavy hitters while smaller more dainty bongs provide a more mellow experience.

Next, you may want to think about the environment in which your bong will reside. If you live in a party house, a glass bong will be destroyed. You may want to consider a bong made of more durable material.

If you live a more low-key lifestyle, a glass bong may provide a better smoking experience for you and your close friends than a plastic or vinyl one. The decision is yours to make.

Price is another huge factor to think about when selecting your bong. The larger, more fancy bongs with a myriad of attachments are more expensive. Glass bongs as well fetch a pretty penny from stoners.

Keep this in mind when selecting your perfect bong. It may not make sense for a casual stoner on a budget to purchase a fancy bong with all of the frills.

Get the Bong of Your Dreams

We live in the golden age of being a stoner. Marijuana is legal across much of the country. Intense strains of weed are available everywhere, and there is a renaissance in smoking apparatus development.

Buying Bongs Online has never been so easy or affordable. Buy your dream bong online and have many happy hits from that moment on. If you enjoyed this content, find other awesome stuff by checking out the rest of our site!

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