Pros and cons of 4 YouTube mp4 converters conversion of the videos is possible through the use of reliable converters.  The following are the four famous converters, which are being widely used by the people for downloading videos from Youtube. It is also important for people to remain aware of the cons and pros of each of them so that they can select the one, they find more appropriate to use.

YouTube mp4 converters
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1. Clip converter

This is a YouTube to mp4 converter, which is being used for downloading the videos from YouTube to mp4. This software also gives people the opportunity of using the trial version and after that people can decide whether they want to continue with it or not.

  • This software provides a good quality video.
  • It gives people the opportunity of selecting the type of formats like WMV, MOV, and FLV.
  • A trial gives people the option of testing the software and selecting the software after that.
  • People get the chance of getting the resolution according to their liking and can get the video of good quality.

The downside of this software is this that, the trial version of this software can only be used for one time

2. YoutubeToMp4.Org

This is the second YouTube mp4 downloader, which is widely used for downloading videos from YouTube.

  • This is very user friendly and quickly downloads the file from YouTube.
  • While downloading the audio from YouTube, it gives the chances of cropping and one can get the selective audio, he is interested in.
  •  This converter does multitasking. Other than downloading video from YouTube, one helps in the facilities of the torrent downloading and the audio recording as well.
  • Unlike the other converters, it does not give a chance of selecting different formats.

3. Zamzar

This YouTube converter is also very easy to use and downloads the videos from YouTube.  This easy process of downloading videos through this converter has caused it popular among the people.

  • It is very simple to use
  • It does not require any charges, so it is freely available for the users.
  • This is safe to use as it is free of any kind of spam.
  • This website is also free of any installation process, because of which people can use it directly.
  • This software takes more time for the downloading of the videos, as compared to the others

4. Cell sea video converter

This youtube downloader downloads the good quality videos from YouTube with good speed.

  • This is YouTube mp4 free of any complicated process and anyone can use it.
  • Other than youtube, it is capable of downloading from the other sites as well.
  • It has the facility of downloading videos into various formats like MPG, MPV, AVI, and WMV.
  • This is authentic software to use for.
  • This converter fails to show consistently good performance for YouTube to mp4.


With the help of learning all pros and cons of these Youtube to MP4 and mp3 converters, you can choose the best as per your needs.


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