Yuchai High-Power Marine Diesel Engines Debut Football Tournament in Qatar

The international football tournament, which ended in recent days in Qatar, had been under the spotlight started in November 2022. Many people across the world enjoyed this tournament with excitement and craze. But did you wonder what fundamental technology made it possible to run this magnificent tournament smoothly and progressively? It was the unique power generation system to provide all necessary power supplies reliably. 

YC12VTD and YC16VTD Marine Diesel Generators Shine in Qatar

Yuchai has talents in creating technical products, especially marine diesel engines. With power ranging from 15KW to 42,00KW, Yuchai provides unprecedented marine diesel engines to their customers worldwide. Recently, at a world football match held in Qatar, Yuchai’s marine diesel generators, YC12VTD and YC16VTD, were well received.

With their latest technology design features, both marine diesel generators played a substantial role in delivering infallible and non-stop power supply to support the operation of countless high-end machines. In order to help you understand how YC12VTD and YC16VTD marine diesel generators shine in the world-class football game, the following are the top 4 benefits for your reference.

1. High Power Output

The marine diesel engines, YC12VTD and YC16VTD, manufactured by Yuchai, aim to satisfy 50Hz/60Hz power requirements, guaranteeing stable and uninterrupted power supply to every connected equipment. It is worth mentioning that YC16VTD, a 16-cylinder engine, is the first 1500kW-class non-road IV engine in China. Compared with competing products, the YC16VTD has the advantages of higher power density, stronger burst capacity, higher reliability, and better fuel economy while meeting T3 and T4 emission requirements.

2. Reliable and Durable

Yuchai is always dedicated to providing customers with the most reliable marine diesel engines and paying attention to material selection for creating quality components. For example, the mechanical parts of YC12VTD and YC16VTD marine diesel engines primarily consist of a high-strength cylinder block structure. Moreover, it entails a crankshaft component made from a forged steel alloy combined with a strong connecting rod of an industrial-grade steel element. The smart construction of these marine diesel engines fabricates reliable and durable marine diesel generators, which significantly minimize the impact of the principal shaft tile.

3. Energy-Efficient and Environment-Friendly 

Another benefit of Yuchai’s marine diesel engines is their high energy efficiency integrated with their environmental-protection features. The functional designs of eco-friendly can serve many commercial purposes, such as world-class football matches, data centers, and mining machinery while emitting almost no toxic chemicals. Thus, the running efficiency of Yuchai’s best marine engine remains high without ignoring environmental protection.

4. Fuel-Saving and Money-Saving 

Yuchai uses its innovative technology to guarantee marine diesel engines can work with less fuel consumption for a longer running time when compared with competing products. On the other hand, Yuchai’s marine diesel engines reduce that expenditure to less count possible as their manufactured engine parts are of premium quality and demand little to no maintenance. 

Choose Yuchai Now 

After going through different insights regarding how marine diesel engines can power up a world-class football tournament, it is easy to conclude that Yuchai can provide the best marine engine with impeccable power generation capacity.

Yuchai has been in the leading position to offer customers the best marine engine for the past three decades. As an internal combustion engine manufacturing base with a wide and complete range of products, Yuchai’s annual sales revenue exceeds CNY 20 billion, while its extensive yearly engine production capacity is over 600,000 sets.

To meet the extended demands of overseas customers, Yuchai’s marine diesel engines and other comprehensive engines are frequently exported to many countries in Asia, Europe, America, and Africa. Therefore, please contact the first Chinese-foreign joint venture listed abroad for all your power project queries!