Yvonne Niwahereza’s Journey from Ashes to Authenticity

Yvonne Niwahereza has lived many lives. From her childhood in Uganda to her prowess as an artist in Canada, she has encountered many challenges. Niwahereza’s memoir, Reclaiming My Name, ‘Niwahereza,’ details her extraordinary journey from oppression to a flourishing artist and author. 

Growing up in Uganda, Niwahereza felt like an outsider. Her vivid imagination and love of art set her apart within her rural community. As a woman, she was meant to fit the narrow constraints of African tradition. Niwahereza experienced abuse and neglect because of her creativity and ambition. 

Later in life, she immigrated to Canada with the hopes of being able to bring her children over from Uganda. She started working as a janitor in 2016 while trying to acclimate to a vastly different culture. Niwahereza was able to send money home to her children by taking on several part-time jobs and volunteering at the Women’s College Hospital in Toronto.

Her journey took a positive turn in 2018 when she acquired an insurance license and began a career in finance. It was a difficult path, but Niwahereza was never one to back down from a challenge. She secured a position as a bank teller with TD Bank in 2019, and the job changed her life. Her dedication was recognized just months later when she earned the Burlock Legendary Award; later that year Niwahereza’s hard work led to a joyful reunion with her children. 

From there, Niwahereza’s career in the financial sector flourished. After transitioning to RBC in June of 2021 and achieving top sales accolades, she was promoted to a Banking Advisor. In 2022, she became a Financial Advisor at Meridian Credit Union before enrolling at the University of Toronto in pursuit of a Financial Technology (Fintech) Certification. 

Niwahereza’s commitment to overcoming adversity has led her to achieve excellence in her field and find happiness in her personal life. She is especially proud of the opportunity to address a global audience of over 40,000 during her time at RBC on Women’s Day 2022. She shared the stage with leaders like Malala Yousafzai, underscoring the power and inspiration of her story. Her ability to form meaningful connections and achieve lofty goals even in unfamiliar and unwelcoming environments is one of Niwahereza’s most unique skills. She currently has over 700 connections on LinkedIn, which speaks to the resonance of her voice.

Through all of these achievements and experiences, Niwahereza always desired to get back to creating art. Crafting her memoir has been a monumental step in Niwahereza’s life, and she invites readers into the depths of her soul in Reclaiming My Name, ‘Niwahereza.’ The book is the culmination of Niwahereza’s resilience. She is not just a survivor, but someone who retained her sense of self throughout numerous challenges and attacks on her character. The memoir will guide readers to a more authentic future.

Many lessons can be derived from Niwahereza’s vast experiences. Her unwavering spirit and integrity will inspire her readers. Her love of art and constant creativity is sure to spark joy for those who follow her career. Enter Niwahereza’s world by diving into Reclaiming My Name, ‘Niwahereza.’

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