Zade’s Enchanting Influence: Transforming Content Makers into a Phenomenon with 100 Million Views

The success of an influencer or artist lies in their ability to engage with their audience. Given the dire need for airtight content that instantly grabs attention, they prefer to have a click-oriented range instead of that which allows scrolling. This is where an editor becomes a hero, especially when the content in question is a video. An editor is responsible for blending images with sounds to invoke feelings that sync with the mood of the content. Zadok Paul-Ebhohimhen has mastered this art from an early age to become a renowned video editor on social media. He is the editor behind the stunning videos of influencers like Cody Ko and Karl Jacobs. 

Zadok Paul-Ebhohimhen is popularly known as Zade among influencers enthralled by his ability to bring a video alive. Zade is only 19 and has already earned a huge fan base among influencers he works with and their fans. He started editing videos at the age of 14 but he was only just a newbie to the craft then. At 17, he became versed in his art, built professional competence, and started earning. After getting into college, things became more challenging. He juggled full-time work while pursuing a mechanical and electrical engineering degree. 

Currently, Zade is a leading video editor on social media who plays a crucial role in helping many influencers and YouTubers grow. He shares, “I took the lead in optimizing content to generate millions of views, having developed and implemented tailored editing strategies that eventually helped content creators grow.” Leveraging his excellent skills, he guides and enhances the visual impact of fictional content with his creativity. He has impacted the way videos are made and edited and even developed his own innovative editing strategies. 

The results of Zade‘s creativity have been quite impressive as influencers saw a remarkable increase in the subscriber base, number of views per month, and retention rate. He has brought success to all the channels he has worked with. Zade shares, “average subscriber gain went from 1000 per month to highs of 40 thousand. Increasing the average monthly view count for channels I work with from around 500,000 views to over 8,000,000.” He has also led many influencers to claim the coveted “YouTube Gold Award.” Quite notable amongst these influencers are  YouTubers like Karl (over 3.95 million), Odd1sOut (over 18.9 million), Cody Ko (over 5.96 million), Illymation (over 2.26 million), The AMaazing (over 1.27 million), and many more. 

He believes, “To achieve such levels of subscription and viewership, content creators have to embrace an optimized strategy for video editing.” So, he leaves no stone unturned to ensure he delivers his best in every video he edits. “I spend hours on each video script, working on details to keep the viewer engaged, retain them as a viewer, and transform them into subscribers. This cascade of meticulous art is why every collaboration regarding videos and channels is a remarkable success.” This elucidates how Zade became one of the few editors to amass over 100 million views on his work across a range of clients. 

Zade’s message to aspiring creators is to start their journey regardless of what they know or don’t know. Starting birth continuity, and that metamorphs into learning and growth. He believes that “The hardest part is starting.” He wants to continue inspiring new talents and helping influencers grow while building his brand in social media.