10 Best Disposable Vape Brands In 2024

Disposable vapes are the most convenient way to enjoy nicotine or even marijuana. They have built-in batteries, coils, and wicks pre-loaded with flavor, nicotine, or cannabis, based on what you buy. These single-use vapes can be discarded or returned when they’re empty.

Some models can be recharged two or three times. But it’s important to buy a reliable brand with a solid reputation since lots of fakes exist in the market. Some sub-par brands are toxic. Others have explosive batteries. Let’s find the 10 best disposable vape brands to safely enjoy.

The Best Disposable Vape Brands in 2024


Spiritbar is the best disposable vape brand on the market at the moment. Their apt tagline is Unleash Your Spirit, Freedom in Every Puff. It’s an ethos that appeals to quitters because it effectively releases you from your chain-smoking vice without judging you or depriving you of that sweet nicotine fix. All their vapes contain top-shelf 5% salt nicotine (that’s 50mg/ml).

Usually, nicotine salt offers smaller clouds. To counter this, Spiritbar uses mesh coils that are good for thicker VG-heavy e-liquids, essentially producing thicker clouds without losing the potency of your nicotine buzz. Their vapes have rechargeable batteries that guarantee 9,000 to 10,000 puffs per vape. These disposable vapes have a display screen for easy monitoring.

The screen shows how much e-liquid you have left and your battery percentage. Recharge the vape with any USB-C cable. Spiritbar has two sub-brands. Jack’s Flask has the stylish shape of a pirate’s whisky flask, 20ml of e-liquid, a 500mAH battery, and 9,000 puffs. Katana has a Samurai-inspired leather case, a 650 mAh battery, 18ml of e-juice, and 10,000 puffs a piece.

2.  Funky Republic aka Funky Lands

As Shakespeare said, a rose is still a rose, even if you change its name. But in today’s world, names have a lot of legal significance. That’s why Funky Republic changed its name to Funky Lands. The rebrand was a copyright thing, but you’ll get the same trusted disposable vapes. If you buy older stocks, they might still have the Funky Republic logo on them, but it’s all good.

The naming issues have caused a few mix-ups, so you’re safest buying from their two official websites. You can also buy from a trusted vendor. Funky Republic had two models named for their capacity. The sleek silver body of the Fi3000 has 3,000 puffs and 15 flavours while the Ti7000 has 7,000 puffs with 25 flavours and metallic tones. As Funky Lands, they revved up.

Rebranding late in 2023, they added the gilded X5000, the two-toned Ci5000, and the newly centered mouthpiece for Vi10000 pods. Like their elder siblings, these disposable vapes have names that describe the number of puffs they provide. They all have mesh coils and although the Ti7000 dropped three flavors, you can still find your fit among these five Funky models.

3.  Elfbar

Elfbar is well-known in the world of disposable vapes. They’ve been around since 2018 and their colourfully curvy vapes are instantly recognisable. Their product range includes Elfiq nicotine salt flavors, Elfa pre-filled pods, Tacja nicotine pouches, and Elfbar crystal cubes. Like the Funky brand we mentioned above, Elfbar uses Quaq technology in its disposables.

But Elfbar’s flagship is the Elfbar 600 with its distinctive tube and up to 600 puffs a piece. It carries 2ml of e-juice in a cotton wick powered by a 3.6V battery with more than 40 flavors. They range from 0% to 2% nicotine. But Elfbar offers a broad range of disposable options for discerning vapers. It’s easy to know what you’re buying since the name designates the puffs.

You could go from the CR600 to the CR5000 if you prefer a boxy design with a crystalline silhouette. Or the BC3000 to BC10000 if curves are more your thing. Cylindrical Elfbars have an elongated mouthpiece but if you prefer a round centralised style, the T600 to T800 has a top that mimics a cigarette filter. They also make 9mm 1.4ml cigalikes in 20 flavours.

4.  Flum

Depending on where you buy your disposable vapes, their potency may be limited. In the US, you can easily get vapes up to 5% while Europe and the UK often restrict nicotine volumes to 2%. In these places, you can get doses as low as 0.3% since nicotine solutions are 3mg/ml, 6mg/ml, 10mg/ml, 18mg/ml, and 20mg/ml. In the US, it typically gets to 50mg/ml at most.

Flum vapes are in the higher range of potency and the brand is known for its 20 flavours and its larger sizes. But their capacities differ by market so it can be unsettling. You can get some with 6.1ml while others are 8ml yet both are Flum Floats. To be sure your disposable vape is authentic, type its counterfeiting serial number into the verification form on official websites.

But back to basics, Flum disposable vapes comprise four models, all with 5% nicotine. Flum Float is a colorful two-toned tube with a central mouthpiece while Flum Gio has a similar shape but has one color and vertical stripes. Both contain up to 3,000 puffs with a 650 mAh battery. The Flum Pebble is oblong with 6,000 puffs while the Flum Wafer has 1,600 puffs.

5.  Lost Mary

Cannabis has lots of nicknames, including Mary Jane or Mary J for marijuana. But Lost Mary is a whole different animal. This disposable nicotine vape is sometimes mistaken for Elfbar because they have the same shapes and pallets. But this distinct disposable vape has a trademark quality – despite its multitude of designs, you consistently get 600 puffs a piece.

Their range of vapes includes AM600 tubes, the wider QM600, the many-hued BM600, and the monotone gradient on the BM600s. These stylish vape cases come in over 25 flavours and they’re prefilled with 2ml of e-juice. The brand uses an 18-digit verification code that you can type into their website or use a QR code. It ensures the vape you bought isn’t counterfeit.

To see the serial number, scratch the security foil on the box. Speaking of boxes, the BM is for box mod, the oblong shape of that particular variety. It ranges from 600 to 16,000 puffs depending on what you buy. The upper end is the Lost Mary Turbo BM16000. Meanwhile, their Psyper and Tappo models use disposable pods. These vapes have mesh coils and Quaq.

6.  Kiwi Go

The word Kiwi could refer to several things. It could be a fruit sometimes called the Chinese gooseberry. It could be a weird-looking bird from New Zealand that can’t fly. This bird is the reason New Zealand residents are nicknamed Kiwis. But in this context, Kiwi Go is a beloved brand of disposable vapes. It has a distinctly tapered mouthpiece that’s more like a vape pen.

This gives a Kiwi Go vape elegance and sleekness that’s often lost on disposable vapes. It’s sleek and luxurious. Also, unlike other disposables that use saturated wicks, Kiwi Go vapes have atomizers with free-flowing liquid, just like you’d find in a disposable pod or cartridge. This styling ensures a smooth, silky inhale with a gentle throat hit and minimal e-juice waste.

You can choose from a dozen Kiwi Go flavors including pleasant surprises like coconut milk and twelve monkeys. But the reason Kiwi Go disposable vapes are so popular is their fancy factor. Their design is derived from the refillable cotton-tip Kiwi Pen, with Kiwi Go as their ceramic-coiled disposable vape version. You can also buy their Iwik vape for a bigger capacity.

7.  Vapengin

The biggest advantage of disposable vapes is their price. They’re built as single-use devices though some can be recharged up to five times before they get depleted. At that point, you can simply throw them out or take them to vape recycling centers. But because of their price, disposables often look cheap. And that’s where Vapengin comes in. Their design is quite luxe.

While the brand does produce refillable vape pens and pod kits like the Jupiter, Vapengin also has several lines of disposable product lines. These include Venus, Mars, Mercury, Pluto, and Neptune. They also have the Vapengin 5500 with its legendary 5,500 puffs. Given their stylish box mod designs and see-through outer casing, you’d never know they’re disposable.

The vapes have a metallic base that shimmers through the transparent case and lends them a futuristic look. They have 500mAh batteries and mesh coils for a smoother nicotine hit and potency ranging from 2% to 5%. Some models are rechargeable and have planetary names that indicate the number of puffs. For instance, Venus has 600 puffs while Mars has 4,000.

8. Puff Zero

Juul and Puff Bar are top sellers of nicotine pods, so they attracted a lot of attention from the FDA and were both banned in 2020. But many vape manufacturers offer nicotine-free or 0% nicotine alternatives, so Puff Bar came up with a brand they named Puff Zero. They have no nicotine and are disposable. Since the entire brand is nic-free, it’s a highly specialized vape.

Puff Bar Zero comes in two styles. Puff Plus Zero disposables have a streamlined rectangular shape and a compact design intended for 1,000 puffs. Meanwhile, Puff Ultra Zero disposables have a curvy mouthpiece carrying up to 8,000 puffs. The brand also makes cannabis models known as Puff Delta. They include THC vapes and edibles but these still don’t have nicotine.

The appeal of Puff disposable vapes is that they completely revamped their business model, moving away from tobacco products. At first, they transitioned to synthetic nicotine before ditching the stimulant altogether. With other disposable vape brands, even the 0% vapes can be contaminated. But Puff Zero has no nicotine anywhere in the factory so they’re a lot safer.

9.  7Daze

With products like vapes and electronic cigarettes, seeming cool plays a big role. That’s part of the reason 7 Daze stands out. Newbies may refer to it as Daze since the 7 is hidden in the Z of the logo. And while 7 Daze is tobacco-free, it’s still a nicotine vape. The difference is they use synthetic nicotine that’s developed in the lab from allegedly healthy non-tobacco sources.

Their flagship product is e-liquid – Reds Apple, Fusion, and 7 Daze itself. These include salt nicotine, freebase, and no-nicotine versions. Their flexibility enhances the popularity of the brand since you can buy 0mg/ml, 3mg/ml, 6mg/ml, 30mg/ml, and 60mg/ml. Respectively, that’s 0%, 0.3%, 0.6%, 3%, and 6% synthetic nicotine. But they also make disposable vapes.

Their two models are Ohmlet and Egge. Ohmlet is their king-size model and it’s preloaded with 15ml of e-juice. It promises up to 7,000 puffs and is rechargeable via USB-C. Egges are smaller, with 1,000 puffs per piece. Both disposables come in 17 flavors including 7obacco, cake pop, island colada, orange kiss, and gummi. They have LED battery indicator lights too.

10.   SKE

If the look of luxury appeals to you, SKE disposable vapes are a good choice. Their crystal bar line was specifically designed for elegant tastes. Each vape has a transparent external case on a metallic inner tube. On some models, the crystal cover is ribbed and angular to simulate the facets of a gemstone. But SKE also makes simpler styles for those who prefer hard metal.

SKE is short for Speed Skier Extreme, referring to its origins in an icy sea of snow. Their entry-level offering is the SKE Crystal Original with 600 puffs. Next comes the SKE Icon Bar with its glossy metal exterior and a 2,000 puff capacity. Their larger sibling, the SKE Super Max, carries 4,500 puffs a piece. They produce flavors ranging from tobacco to blueberry.

Their biggest vape is the SKE Duo with 15ml of e-juice and up to 6,000 puffs on its 450mAh battery. This 3.6V vape can charge in half an hour with USB-C. Compare it to the 850mAH on the SKE Icon with 6ml of e-juice, 2,000 puffs, a mesh coil, and a Sikary chip for constant voltage that doesn’t need recharging. But the SKE Strip Bar has a soft, rubbery case and 2ml.

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