Market Business News (MBN) launched in June 2013. MBN is an independent website publishing news related to business and major technology developments across the world.

The website also strives to create one of the most comprehensive financial glossaries online.

MBN is based in Hastings, East Sussex, England. The company also has offices in Cancun, Mexico.

Joseph Nordqvist – Co-founder and Managing Partner

Joseph is a managing partner and co-founder of Market Business News. Prior to launching MBN in 2013, Joseph worked as a writer for one of the world’s largest independent medical news websites. Joseph also has extensive experience in digital marketing.


Christian Nordqvist – Co-founder and Managing Partner

Christian is a co-founder managing partner  of the website. He has vast experience in digital publishing, having launched and co-founded one of the largest medical news websites in the world. He is at the forefront of connecting with businesses to publish news related to their developments.


Veronica Cruz – Writer and content editor

Edward Bishop – Writer

David Jones – Writer 

Hariett Phelps – Writer

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