10 Top TikTok Video Downloaders To Use: mobile and desktop tools

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TikTok video downloader applications and web services provide the functionality for individuals to archive TikTok videos on their personal devices devoid of the platform’s watermark. Utilizing a TikTok downloader, one has the capability to procure videos in a high-resolution format and transcode them into MP4 or MP3 file types.

What are TikTok video downloader apps & websites?

TikTok video downloader tools can download videos. They come in two formats:

  • Websites – These are free online platforms you can access from your desktop or laptop browser to download TikTok videos. Some popular web-based TikTok downloaders include SSStiktok, ExpertsPHP, 4KTokkit, etc.
  • Mobile Applications – Specific apps for Android and iOS exist to facilitate the downloading and saving of TikTok videos directly to your smartphone or tablet. Notable apps for this purpose include TikMate, Snaptube, SnapTik, among others.

Key features of TikTok downloaders:

  • Remove TikTok watermark from downloaded videos
  • Download videos in HD quality up to 4K resolution
  • Save videos as MP4 files or convert to MP3 audio
  • Download videos by just pasting the shareable link
  • Completely free to use with no login required
  • Work on all devices – PC, Mac, Android, iPhone

Why do we need a Tiktok video Downloader?

There are some important points you may want to download videos from TikTok:

  • Viewing Without Internet – Since TikTok videos are not available in the app without an internet connection, downloading them enables offline viewing and saves on mobile data usage.
  • Remix videos – Downloading gives you the ability to edit and remix fun TikTok videos using editing apps and software on your device.
  • Avoid low quality uploads – Screen recording TikTok videos can reduce quality. Downloading maintains the best possible resolution and quality.
  • Sharing Across Social Media – TikTok videos, once downloaded and stripped of the watermark, can be conveniently shared on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and more.
  • Archive favorite videos – Users can archive their liked videos locally so they have permanent access. Videos may get deleted from TikTok by creators.
  • Compilation and reaction videos – Downloaded videos allow compiling the best videos on a topic or reacting to them within YouTube videos.

10 best TikTok video downloaders

1 SSStiktoktok

Best for: Hassle-free web downloader

SSStiktok is a highly recommended site for downloading TikTok videos, offering an easy paste-and-download process for watermark-free HD videos with a user-friendly interface suitable for beginners.


  1. Can remove TikTok logo and watermark..
  2. Can download video in MP4 format and extract MP3 audio.
  3. Compatible with all devices – PC, Mac, Android, iPhone.

Verdict: SSStiktok’s user-friendly interface and capability to download high-quality, watermark-free videos make it a top choice for effortlessly saving TikTok content online. It delivers solid performance across all devices.

Price: Free

Pros Cons
– Removes TikTok watermark – Limited customization options for formats
– Offers high quality HD downloads up to 4K – Only a web-based tool, no mobile app
– Compatible with all devices – PC, Mac, mobile – Slower download speeds compared to app-based downloaders

2 ExpertsPHP

Best for: Downloading 4K videos

ExpertsPHP is a popular free online tool specialized in downloading TikTok videos in ultra high 4K resolution without any watermark. It can analyze any TikTok video link and offers multiple resolution options up to 4K for saving the videos. You can also extract and download just the audio in MP3 format.


  1. Downloads TikTok videos up to 4K Ultra HD quality.
  2. Removes watermark from downloaded videos.
  3. Option to download only audio in MP3 format.
  4. Intuitive and easy to use interface.
  5. No app install or registration required.

Verdict: With the ability to save TikTok videos in such high 4K resolution without watermarks, ExpertsPHP is the top choice for users who want the best quality downloads. The straightforward web-based tool is convenient for quick downloads.

Price: Free

Pros Cons
– Downloads up to 4K Ultra HD quality – Web-based only, no mobile app
– Can extract MP3 audio from videos – Limited format options beyond MP4 and MP3
– No app install or registration needed – Slower than native apps

3 4KTokkit

Best for: Fast desktop downloads

4K Tokkit is a desktop website designed specifically for fast and efficient TikTok video downloads right on your Windows or Mac computer. Features:

  1. Removes watermark from downloaded videos.
  2. No app installs required, runs directly on web browser.
  3. Clean ads-free interface for distraction free downloading.
  4. Does not require registration or login.

Verdict: With its fast performance, 4K video support and clean interface, 4K Tokkit is one of the best TikTok downloaders to have for quick and simple desktop downloads. It saves the hassle of using mobile apps.

Price: Free

Pros Cons
– Downloads up to 4K quality – Web version only, no mobile app
– Fast desktop performance – Fewer features compared to mobile apps
– Clean intuitive interface – Does not support downloading private videos

4 SaveTok

Best for: Downloading private videos

SaveTok stands out as one of the few TikTok video downloaders that can download even private videos that are not publicly available. Along with all standard features, this makes it valuable for saving more videos.


  1. Can download private and restricted videos.
  2. Removes TikTok watermark from downloaded videos.
  3. Offers options to download video in different resolutions.
  4. Has a clean ad-free interface.
  5. No registration required.

Verdict: The ability to download private TikTok videos that other tools cannot gives SaveTok an edge. Along with its clean interface and efficient downloads, it is recommended for accessing more video content.

Price: Free

Pros Cons
– Can download private videos – Limited resolution and format options
– No watermark on downloads – Web version only
– Clean interface – Slower compared to desktop downloaders

5 QLoad.Info

Best for: Mobile and desktop use

QLoad is a versatile TikTok downloading solution as it works flawlessly on both desktop and mobile devices. The website has an optimized interface that adapts smoothly across platforms.


  1. Cross-platform support for mobile & desktop.
  2. Downloads videos without watermark.
  3. Offers MP4 and MP3 format downloads.
  4. Clean and responsive interface.
  5. Does not require signup or login.

Verdict: With seamless cross-device performance, unlimited downloads and format options, QLoad emerges as an all-rounder TikTok saver suitable for both desktop and mobile usage.

Price: Free

Pros Cons
– Works on desktop & mobile – Slower speeds than desktop-only tools
– Flexible format options – Cannot save videos offline for re-watching
– Clean and simple interface – Does not support private video downloads

6 TikMate

Best for: Android & iOS apps

TikMate stands out as a widely favored application tailored specifically for downloading TikTok videos on Android and iOS platforms, encompassing all the fundamental functionalities anticipated in a TikTok video saving app.


  1. Available as an Android and iOS app.
  2. Downloads video without watermark.
  3. Lets you select video resolution.
  4. Convert videos to MP3 audio files.
  5. Simple intuitive mobile interface.

Verdict: For those looking for a fully-featured mobile-first TikTok video downloader app for Android and iPhone, TikMate is one of the top recommendations with all the key utilities built-in.

Price: Free

Pros Cons
– Apps for Android and iOS – Only works on mobile devices
– Feature-rich mobile experience – No web version for desktop
– Removes watermarks – Cannot download videos in 4K resolution

7 YTSaverTTDownloader

Best for: Android app

YTSaver is a versatile downloader app for Android that can save videos from both YouTube and TikTok. It is optimized specifically for Android mobile devices.


  1. Android app for downloading TikTok & YouTube videos.
  2. Removes watermark from TikTok downloads.
  3. Offers HD quality video downloads.
  4. Simple one-tap download process.
  5. Free to download from Google Play Store.

Verdict: For Android users looking for a dedicated TikTok video downloader app just for their device, YTSaverTTDownloader is a top choice with all essential features and utilities in one place.

Price: Free

Pros Cons
– Downloads YouTube & TikTok videos – Only available on Android devices
– Removes TikTok watermarks – No iOS version
– Simple one-tap downloads – Limited video format and quality options

8 SnapTikApp

Best for: iPhone/iOS app

SnapTikApp is designed exclusively for downloading TikTok videos on iPhone and other iOS devices. It integrates directly into the iOS Camera Roll for saving videos.


  1. TikTok downloader app for iOS devices.
  2. Removes TikTok watermark from downloads.
  3. Saves videos directly to Camera Roll.
  4. User-friendly iPhone-style interface.
  5. Free to install from App Store.

Verdict: SnapTikApp emerges as the top iOS solution for iPhone users who want a simple, no-fuss TikTok video saver app tailored specifically for the platform.

Price: Free

Pros Cons
– Made for iPhones – Just for iOS, no Android version
– Removes watermarks from videos – Only saves videos to Camera Roll
– User-friendly iOS interface – Lower max quality compared to web tools

9 MusicallyDown

Best for: Simple web tool

MusicallyDown is a straightforward web-based tool for quick TikTok video downloads by simply pasting video links. It strips the TikTok watermark and offers high quality MP4 downloads.


  1. Web platform, no need to download apps.
  2. Removes watermark from downloaded videos.
  3. Downloads videos in MP4 format.
  4. Easy-to-use minimal interface.
  5. Does not require registration.

Verdict: With its simple yet effective downloading capabilities packed in a no-frills web tool, MusicallyDown is recommended for those looking for a fast,Ads-free TikTok video saver.

Price: Free

Pros Cons
– Simple web-based tool – Lower max quality than other options
– Fast ad-free downloads – Limited features compared to apps
– No registration needed – Cannot customize download location

10 Qoob Clips

Best for: Quick online downloader

Qoob Clips is another lightweight online TikTok video downloader with a minimal interface focused on fast downloads by simply pasting the video link.


  1. Web-based, requires just a browser.
  2. Downloads videos without watermark.
  3. No app installs needed.
  4. User-friendly interface.
  5. Free to use without signup.

Verdict: For those who need a quick, no-hassle way to download TikTok videos on the fly using just a web browser, Qoob Clips hits the mark with its simplistic yet efficient downloader.

Price: Free

Pros Cons
– Lightweight web tool – Slower speeds than other downloaders
– Minimal interface – Lower max video quality
– No app installs needed – No advanced options for formats, etc

Comparison of the top 10 converters

Downloader Platform Ratings
SSStiktok Web 4.5/5
ExpertsPHP Web 4.3/5
4K Tokkit Web 4.1/5
SaveTok Web 3.9/5
QLoad Web & Mobile 4.2/5
TikMate Mobile (Android, iOS) 4.6/5
YTSaverTTDownloader Mobile (Android) 4.1/5
SnapTikApp Mobile (iOS) 4.0/5
MusicallyDown Web 3.8/5
Qoob Clips Web 3.5/5

How to download TikTok videos without watermark

  • Step 1: Get the TikTok Video Link

Open TikTok, find the video, click ‘Share’, and copy its URL.

  • Step 2: Paste Link in Downloader

Go to the TikTok downloader website or app. Paste the copied TikTok video link in the search bar or input field.

  • Step 3: Select Download Options

If available, select video resolution quality (HD, FHD, 4K etc.) and file format (MP4, MP3 etc.) options before downloading.

  • Step 4: Download the Video

Hit ‘Download’ to download the watermark-free TikTok video; download time varies with video size and net speed.

  • Step 5: Save Video

After the download completes, the video will be located in your device’s designated download directory. You may then transfer it to a different folder if desired.


1 How can I download TikTok videos freely?

  • Find a Reliable Downloader:
    • Research and select a trustworthy TikTok video downloader tool. Ensure it’s free to use and has good user reviews for safety and effectiveness.
  • Access TikTok and Copy the Video Link:
    • Go to find a video on TikTok which you want to download, tap ‘Share’, and copy the link.
  • Navigate to the Downloader:
    • Open the chosen TikTok video downloader in your web browser or app.
  • Paste the Video Link:
    • Paste the copied TikTok video URL into the downloader’s input field.
  • Choose Format and Quality (if applicable):
    • Choose your video format and quality, like MP4 or HD; options may vary, including audio-only MP3 downloads.
  • Initiate the Download:
    • Click the download button provided by the downloader service. The site will process the video and prepare it for download.
  • Download the Video:
    • Download it to your device by right-clicking. Click to download. It depends on your device.

2 How can I download TikTok videos to a desktop  or PC?

  • On a desktop/PC, use web-based TikTok downloaders like SSStiktok, 4K Tokkit, QLoad, etc.
  • Open the downloader website in your browser, paste the TikTok video link and download.
  • The video will be saved on your PC without watermark in MP4 format.
  • Web tools offer higher quality downloads, unlike mobile apps limited by device storage.


TikTok downloaders help you save top videos for offline viewing without those annoying watermarks. We recommend SSStiktok, ExpertsPHP and TikMate as the best TikTok video savers to use this year. They deliver fast and simple downloads in high quality. Try them out!