10 Ways to Supplement Your Income

The rise in inflation has many of us thinking about ways to supplement income. A side hustle can help you meet your financial goals, whether you’re looking to make ends meet, pay off debt, build an emergency fund, save for a big purchase or simply enjoy the occasional cappuccino. If you need or want to earn a little extra money, here are 10 ways to supplement your income. 

  1. Delivery Services

Whether you’re driving food or people, delivery is a great way to supplement your income. As long as you have a clean driving record and reliable transportation, you can sign up with established businesses to deliver groceries or pick up restaurant orders and deliver them. Amazon Flex offers great delivery jobs as you can use a bot like my flex bot to help you acquire more flex blocks.

Ridesharing businesses connect drivers with people who need rides locally and for longer distances. This side gig offers flexible hours and you get to choose when and how you work.

  1. Healthy Vending 

With so many people on the go, it’s no surprise that the vending machine industry is thriving. Combine convenience with a continually growing interest in personal health, and you’ll find that owning a healthy vending machine can be a great way to supplement your income. Different locations can supply and influence a vast clientele to purchase the products from your machines. Choosing an established business model that offers franchise-level support can be a profitable way to supplement your income now while setting yourself up for future success as a business owner. 

  1. Tutoring  

Tutoring is a great side hustle for off-duty teachers, high-achieving secondary students and subject matter experts. Flexibility is a built-in bonus with the addition of setting your own rates. And with the national teacher shortage, the market for well-qualified tutors just keeps growing.  

  1. Run a Vacation Rental Property

Today’s travelers are often looking for places to stay outside the traditional hotel room. In fact, one popular vacation rental website reported over 150 million recent users. If you have a well-kept space, you can offer it to others as a vacation rental. Depending on the rules of your locality, it could be an extra building on your property, a private home or condo that you own, a finished basement or even an extra guest room in your home. As a host, you’re able to choose your availability dates and set your own rates to supplement your income. 

  1. Become a Landlord 

The rental economy is booming, with over a third of households renting rather than owning. If you own a property to rent long-term, it can be a great supplementary income. For the most part, being a landlord is a passive job that allows you to collect the income, although you will need to maintain and ensure the property and make sure that your renters pay on time.

  1. Pet Sitting

Pets need attention when their people are at work or on vacation. Pet sitters may offer pet boarding, daycare, dog walking, daily check-ins, house sitting and more. Often, pet sitters feed, play with, walk and clean up after pets that they watch. There are established websites where responsible pet sitters may sign up to find pet sitting clients and create connections to supplement your income. 

  1. Childcare 

Childcare and daycares currently have some of the highest employment rates out of any industry. As need in the market continues to grow, there are plenty of opportunities that fit your hours of choice to supplement your income. 

  1. Open an Online Shop 

If you’re creative and have a product that you enjoy making, you can sign up with an established website or build your own website to sell your creations. With the ability to choose their own hours and prices, an online shop is an ideal side gig for creatives to supplement their income. 

  1. Freelance

Freelance writing, web design and even bookkeeping can be a great side hustle for people looking to supplement their income. Many businesses, especially smaller ones, have a need for these services but don’t have enough work to keep full-time employees busy. Depending on the gig, work hours can be flexible and you can set your own rate. 

  1. Be an influencer 

Becoming a social media influencer allows you to share something that you are passionate about while supplementing your income. Easier said than done, but if you can find your niche, start posting it on social media and sharing it with others to create an online community. You can choose which social media platforms to work on and, with time and nurturing, you could produce a supplemental income. 

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