The 20 richest football (soccer) clubs in the world

This article contains a list of the richest football (soccer) clubs in the world (in terms of revenue), according to data gathered by Deloitte.

According to Deloitte, they “used the figure for total revenue extracted from the annual financial statements of the company or group in respect of each club, or other direct sources, for the 2012/13 season (unless otherwise stated).”

Read here for the full detailed methodology on how the ranking was compiled.

1. Real Madrid

Revenue (2012/13) – 518.9 million euros.

Additional information: 2013 represents Real Madrid’s ninth consecutive year as the richest club in the world (a new record). The club generates significant commercial revenue from outside the Spanish market.

2. FC Barcelona

Revenue (2012/13) – 482.6 million euros.

Additional information: Barcelona ranks in at number 2 this year, having won the 2012/13 La Liga title. The club has decided not to move to a different stadium. Instead, they are redeveloping Camp Nou.

3. Bayern Munich

Revenue (2012/13) – 431.2 million euros.

Additional information: Bayern Munich is number three after their treble winning season. This is their highest placing in 11 years.

4. Manchester United

Revenue (2012/13) – 423.8 million euros.

Additional information: Manchester United’s commercial operations increased by thirty percent in 2013. The club recently signed a world-record shirt sponsorship with General Motors (Chevrolet).

5. Paris Saint-Germain

Revenue (2012/13) – 398.8 million euros.

Additional information: The club just won their first Championnat title in 19 years and their commercial success has significantly helped drive their success.

6. Manchester City

Revenue (2012/13) – 316.2 million euros.

Additional information: The club’s increase in revenue is mainly because of growth in commercial revenue. Manchester City has successfully expanded into new markets and improved its international reach.

7. Chelsea

Revenue (2012/13) – 303.4 million euros.

Additional information: Chelsea’s commercial revenue grew by 19% last year thanks to new global partners, including Delta and Gazprom.

8. Arsenal

Revenue (2012/13) – 284.3 million euros.

Additional information: Matchday revenue was impressive for Arsenal last year (the fourth highest of any Money League club).

9. Juventus

Revenue (2012/13) – 272.4 million euros.

Additional information: Juventus has become the leading revenue generating club in Italy (overtaking AC Milan and Internazionale).

10. AC Milan

Revenue (2012/13) – 263.5 million euros.

Additional information: AC Milan dropped down two places in the Money League. The club’s revenue increased by three percent.

11. Borussia Dortmund

Revenue (2012/13) – 256.2 million euros.

Additional information: The most contribution to Dortmund’s revenue growth came from broadcast revenue (which rose by 45%).

12. Liverpool

Revenue (2012/13) – 240.6 million euros.

Additional information: Liverpool enjoys significant commercial revenue (higher than Arsenal and Chelsea).

13. Schalke 04

Revenue (2012/13) – 198.2 million euros.

Additional information: The club’s revenue increased by 14 percent compared to the year before.

14. Tottenham Hotspur

Revenue (2012/13) – 172 million euros.

Additional information: Broadcast revenue increased by 1 percent and matchday revenue decreased by 2 percent for the London club. However, Tottenham Hotspur’s commercial revenue went up by 8 percent.

15. Internazionale

Revenue (2012/13) – 168.8 million euros.

Additional information: The club ended up finishing at ninth in Italy’s domestic league Serie A (its lowest position since 1993/94). Erick Thohir (who recently took over the club) could help address the club’s stadium issues.

16. Galatasaray

Revenue (2012/13) – 157 million euros.

Additional information: Galatasaray has managed to achieve the highest ever ranking for a Turkish club in the Money League.

17. Hamburger SV

Revenue (2012/13) – 135.4 million euros.

Additional information: Hamburger SV managed to climb three places to 17th in the Money League.

18. Fenerbahçe

Revenue (2012/13) – 126.4 million euros.

Additional information: 2012/13 revenue for Fenerbahçe increased by 22 percent.

19. AS Roma

Revenue (2012/13) – 124.4 million euros.

Additional information: Only a little over half of home game seats were sold, which highlights the need for the club to invest in improving its facilities.

20. Atletico de Madrid

Revenue (2012/13) – 120 million euros.

Additional information: The club managed to return to the Money League top 20 thanks to a 39 increase in commercial revenue.

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