3 Real-Life Office Relocation Success Stories

An office relocation provides a firm with an excellent chance to reinvent the workplace and boost employee motivation and productivity. Although an office move is associated with multiple benefits, many things may go wrong. The good news is that you may avoid those possible “disasters” and have a successful workplace move with careful preparation. Let us share with you the top three successful real-life office relocation success stories to inspire you for your next hassle-free move.


The main goal of Sodexo is to provide quality-of-life services for a number of sectors, including corporate office design. Company management had witnessed a trend toward activity-based working arrangements in recent years, yet several of their own offices were old and boring. Sodexo’s directors chose to incorporate a contemporary office design in their new site once the lease on their existing workplace in Stockholm, Sweden, expired.

The workplace transfer required more than two years of preparation and a few weeks of hard lifting. It wasn’t easy, but the effort was well worth it. Sodexo has decreased the overall area in one location by 1,300 square feet while creating 70 workplaces after introducing a new workplace design. Employee perceived efficiency has risen by 94 percent (based on employee surveys), and employee satisfaction has grown from 77 percent to 93 percent. You can follow the successful example of Sodexo. The good news is that when you hire Elate Moving Company NY, your company relocation can be arranged fast and with no delays. 

Why Was the Office Relocation Successful?

One of the main worries was that removing allocated seats would make it impossible for supervisors to supervise their teams. Recognizing the need to assist department managers throughout the transition, Sodexo’s management developed a standard training curriculum for management and new recruits. 

Beam Suntory

Beam Suntory, a global pioneer in premium spirits, takes pride in its ability to create personal relationships. Inspired by the Japanese notion of Gemba, which Senior VP and Global Chief Human Resources Officer Paula Erickson explains as “being where the action is,” Beam Suntory management opted to relocate from Deerfield, a Chicago suburb, right into the center of downtown Chicago. According to Erickson in an HR Executive article, business owners wanted the personnel to be in the middle of where the trends were occurring and to be able to interact with the bartenders and customers.

The new Beam Suntory headquarters makes use of natural light and plants to create a collaborative, inventive workplace. The relocation also gave the firm a chance to update other elements of the business, such as giving more flexible remote work choices and job-sharing. The office relocation was unquestionably a success, as more than 99 percent of the 550-person staff remained after the transfer.

Why Was the Office Relocation Successful?

Throughout the process, the company’s leadership was devoted to openness. They held a series of company-wide town hall meetings where workers could talk directly with leadership regarding the relocation. Leaders responded truthfully and were not hesitant to say when they lacked an answer. “We did not hold anything back because we didn’t want there to be any rumors,” Erickson was quoted as saying. It also helped that the new workplace was in a hip area and had facilities like cutting-edge computers and treadmills.


One of the things that cosmetics shop Sephora takes pleasure in is its commitment to innovation. The company’s groundbreaking “assisted self-service” business concept distinguishes it from other stores by enabling customers to try on things before purchasing them. With the release of its mobile app, Sephora now allows clients to undergo a virtual makeover without leaving the home. When the business started planning for a big 400-employee office move, Edgar Sanchez, the manager of corporate facilities, used the same “try before you buy” approach. He planned and executed every element of the relocation using iOFFICE’s move management software.

Why Was the Office Relocation Successful?

Sanchez used to handle every move using a collection of separate systems that weren’t created for that purpose. As a consequence, relocation might take up to three months to complete. Sanchez was able to utilize digital floor plans with real-time occupancy data to generate more scenarios before shifting a single chair after Sephora invested in move management software. He could quickly link the program with the rest of Sephora’s business systems. This reduced the whole relocation planning time by more than 90% to a single week.

How to Plan a Successful Office Relocation

Whether your firm is contemplating a cross-country relocation or you just want to reorganize your present workspace to make better use of the available space, the two most crucial factors are planning and communication. We strongly recommend turning to professional movers for help to plan and execute your business more effectively. Thus, you can get the max out of your company relocation with the reduced downtime.

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