3 Tips to keeping party-goers safe this New Year’s Eve

The holiday festivities are around the corner again. Time to wine, dine, and make merry. For many people, staying indoors during this period of time is almost next to impossible − and we get why. Everyone’s outside having a good time, and it only makes sense that you join in the fun. 

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For some, going out to a party isn’t quite as enjoyable as many revelers find it to be. They prefer to spend the nights indoors with family and friends, which is also a good thing. With all these indoor and outdoor activities going on during this period, security can get compromised. After all, not everyone out there has good intentions. Some individuals are predators who prey on party-goers, leaving them feeling sad and miserable. When traveling to a party, you could even use something like Party Bus Rent services to reach your destination safely and in style.

We know you want to have a good time, reminisce, reflect on the past year and make new resolutions as you prepare for the next chapter. For this reason, we came up with tips to keep you and your crew safe this New Year’s Eve. After all, you can make memorable moments without having to be insecure.

Here are 3 tips to keeping party-goers safe this New Year’s Eve:

  • Dress appropriately

For most states within the USA, it’s winter during New Year’s festivities. The weather is often cold, chilly, snowy or even raining. It’s important to check the weather and dress appropriately before heading out. No one wants to be stuck in the freezing cold and rain with nowhere to warm up. If you’re planning to be somewhere outdoors − maybe a concert or a rooftop party − then you should consider wearing flat closed shoes as opposed to high heels. Things like this are often not put into consideration but they could go a long way in keeping you comfortable and safe throughout the night.

Apart from dressing warmly, ensure that you walk along well-lit streets. Being in the company of friends is generally preferred. Party-hopping is a fun engagement that most people enjoy during New Year’s Eve. However, it’s important to use a car and have a designated driver on board when switching bars.

  • Plan your itinerary

This is probably one of the most important tips to implement during this time. Terrorism and mass violence are on the rise and you’re far more likely to be harmed by dangerous thugs.  Even as you practice moderation, ensure that you have a safe transportation plan ahead of time. Keep in mind that there may be roadblocks and a lot of booked cabs. There are plenty of party throwers who offer cab services, so ensure you talk to them about hiring a cab. 

Also, take advantage of carpooling services such as Uber and Lyft. Consider going the extra mile to utilize party limos, party cabs, and party buses if you’re part of a larger crowd. The good news is, you don’t have to pay exorbitant prices for these vehicle rental services. Also, make sure you pick a trusted company to offer you these services. It’ll become a stress-free night if you plan your transport and itinerary to the tee. We highly discourage walking at night, even when in the company of friends. A lot of accidents are bound to happen during this time especially among pedestrians. It makes absolute sense when you prepare a travel plan.

  • Drink responsibly

Last but not least, mind your limits. We understand that booze is almost unavoidable on New Year’s Eve. Even if you and your crew are not heavy drinkers, you’ll definitely encounter intoxicated people over the course of the night. If you’re taking alcohol, try to drink less and also gulp down lots of water to avoid getting inebriated. Again, we don’t want you to wake up in the ER the next morning wondering what happened the previous night. 

To help pace yourself, alternate alcohol with tonic water or any other non-alcoholic drink throughout the night. Never leave your drink unattended. New Year’s Eve is a long, almost unending night and a good party will rarely run out of alcohol. Moderation should be your mantra during this beautiful festive period. It would also be a good idea to eat a heavy, solid meal before you start taking alcohol. If the party offers snacks, make sure you occasionally take food and water breaks throughout the night. 

Drinking on New Year’s Eve requires more mindfulness and a little bit of self-reflection. It is not unusual for fights to break out due to one or two irresponsible drinkers. We definitely recommend that you have fun but ensure that you don’t engage in risky behaviors that put you and your loved ones in danger. 

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