3 Types of Blog Posts That Organically Attract the Most Backlinks

Attracting quality backlinks starts with creating interesting content. Website owners always have their foot on the gas pedal, but not all content is created equal. To gain the most backlinks, selecting the right type of blog post is a big part of the game.

1. Infographics

Link Building Services take full advantage of the content king that is infographics. It is one of the most popular blog types since it makes the most out of big data. Entire sites are built around the infographic setup, and the results speak for themselves. Being able to visualize data to a reader directly combats the everchanging reader attention span. Infographics are good at keeping a reader engaged until the very end of the blog.

Without information overload with words, backlinks stand out more and are likelier to be clicked during the initial read. Placement still matters since a link can easily get lost in a blog post of this type. At one point in internet history, infographics were considered a fad that would die out within a few months. In the present day, these types of blog posts are shared and liked as much as any other content on the web.

2. Opinion

Everyone has an opinion, so it is reasonable to assume that a person will want to have their moment on an opinion blog post. Based on state metrics, the biggest takeaway from opinion blog posts is that diversity matters with the content. It’s easy to skew more towards controversial content to get clicks, but the result will usually be low quality backlinks. Make the most out of the opinion blog post type by mixing in thought leadership posts.

Thought leadership posts can give a breather from the sometimes chaotic (and infinite) resource of negative opinion blog posts. It takes time to make it work, but once secured, thought leadership posts will turn you into a recognized expert. These are the type of opinions that spark conversations and get a ton of likes or shares. This is why you can always attract some really good backlinks with opinion posts by being selective of your content.

3. Product Reviews

Product reviews are an insanely effective way to attract organic backlinks. The problem? Not every blog post does a good job of maximizing the content. The usual focus for product reviews is on passive income rather than a template that would favor backlinks. When done correctly, product review blog posts can get a best of both worlds scenario with passive income and organic backlinks. Pay attention to your template, and be willing to make changes as necessary. There are no downsides to product review blog posts if you keep the customer’s wants in mind.

Be The Main Attraction

It will be difficult at first, but getting a lot of backlinks will come naturally. Your ability to target the right type of blogpost for content creation is a skill that takes experience. Once that nice stride hits, you’ll be able to appreciate the hard work of a smart strategy.

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