5 Kia Models That Stole Our Hearts in 2023

Kia cars can’t boast crazy popularity in New York like Mazda or Toyota. However, they still rate high enough and we consider it well-deserved. Recognizable trend design, time-tested quality, and advanced technology for comfort and handling at a very affordable price make each car a great solution for both the city and the suburbs.

Moreover, the lineup of the Korean automaker has got its gemstones, which just could not leave us indifferent in 2023. Working with the experts of Grand Prix Motors, an auto brokerage firm, we prepared a rating of models that made the best Kia lease deals in New York within the period. Let’s get it started!

Kia Forte

Although Forte occupies an intermediate position between a small Rio and a more representative K5, its appearance and equipment are far from modest in our view.

The first thing that makes us freeze with delight is a rather bold and well-balanced design. Yes, this charming sedan looks quite sporty, but without extravagance and has elegant shapes without claim to defiant luxury. You want to at least touch the sedan – or at least take a selfie against it! However, the Forte is no worse inside, with plenty of room for shoulders and knees, excellent layout of the front panel and the largest trunk in its class. A huge number of small-item storage options and many tech and entertainment functions contribute to the utmost comfort!

The performance is provided by a 2-liter 147 horsepower engine combined with a continuously variable automatic transmission (CVT). Also, the fuel economy is excellent, as it is 41 mpg on the highway and 30 mpg in the city.

What we liked:

  • Fresh and trendy look;
  • Many security options;
  • Very comfortable urban ride

Kia Seltos

The subcompact crossover SUV was out of our sight until it’s 2023 update, but now it has appeared in all its glory. New hood design along with new lighting elements provide an urban yet harmonious look, which experts consider more mature than the previous version.

Although many Kia fans blame the Seltos interior for being too concise, we fell in love with this simplicity and perfect balance. A lot of space makes you feel relaxed, the panel layout is impeccable, and everything is clearly visible without any bells and whistles – well, isn’t this excellent? The materials are still pretty good, and the colors can lift your spirit!

Additionally, Kia prepared a surprise for its fans in the form of Seltos dual 10.25-inch infotainment/driver information display setup. The graphics are great, and the functions are up to date, so you won’t be bored even when the traffic is heavy!

The performance is described as rather moderate, though the 2,0-liter 146hp engine provides enough power for a city ride. However, it drives quite well, and its comfort and appearance encourage us to praise Seltos again and again!

What we liked:

  • Respectable design;
  • New infotainment system;
  • Action-packed interior.

Kia Niro Hybrid

We have been looking at this car for a long time already and could not resist when there was a reason to write about it. As one of the first hybrid models in the Kia range, Niro promises to be an exciting experience for everyone.

The first thing we like is the recognizable design, which combines the characteristics of Korean cars in the best possible way. The lines are smooth and precise, the volumes are quite massive, the grid is moderately aggressive, and the slightly pointed optics looks refined – just as we like!

The interior is soothing, with its smooth texture and dark warm colors. All the controls are very convenient, and the infotainment system with an 8.0-inch touchscreen is great in its richness and very, very intuitive.

For Niro, a combination of a 1.6-liter four-cylinder gasoline engine and an electric motor is offered, providing an engaging performance. We like its controlled and very stable ride on any roads; the steering accurate and swift steering responses are also amazing.

What we liked:

  • High seating position;
  • Impressive fuel economy;
  • Plenty of cargo room

Kia Sportage

The self-confident compact crossover SUV always rated high marks in terms of design, quality, and performance. We couldn’t pass it by, as it is recognized to be an epitome for many other vehicles in its class!

The SUV was released seven years ago, but the current generation still stands out from its compatriots thanks to its unique and perfectly balanced exterior emphasized by black accents. Nonturbo four-cylinder power units along with the six-speed automatic translation provide perfect drivability. As for the other specifications, they are a joy to any Kia fan!

What we liked:

  • Generous passenger space;
  • Intuitive and simple infotainment capabilities;
  • Decent fuel economy.

Kia EV6

This zippy crossover SUV shook us to the core when it was released in 2022. Two years have passed since then, but we still sign on it, because we consider the vehicle to be one of the most successful electric cars.

The EV6 is the first model developed on the Electric Global Modular Platform, and this is reflected in both design and layout. The SUV looks really classy, with its elongated streamlined body, high subpar line, swift roof outlines, and arrow-like headlights.

As for the motor, Kia offers different battery packs to boost the car. Its base output is just 167 horsepower, but a bigger battery can provide an output from 225 hp up to 577 hp depending on the wheel drive. So, it deserves to become one of the best EV leases in 2024!

What we like:

  • Zero emissions;
  • Attractive and futuristic interior;
  • Top-notch infotainment system with a 12.0-inch touchscreen.

Of course, these are not all Kia vehicles worthy of attention. Still, considering leasing as a reasonable option, you can find the Kia for your unforgettable drive!

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