6 Inspirational Ideas For Custom Food Packaging You Never Heard Before! 

Packaging is important for every business, especially when it comes to the food industry, there is a dire need for special packaging to hold drinks, dips, burgers, pizza, and the list goes on. Custom food packaging protects the food, eases long-distance delivery, and serves as a branding tool. 

For instance, fast food restaurants can get that same style of boxes that are usually seen everywhere. However, pouring some change with unique custom burger boxes will affect customer engagement and boost sales at a profitable level. Besides this, in cold storage the quality of custom frozen food boxes at a low price needed to be high in order to prevent condensation in the food. But the question is how do you come up with a unique trendy design that can capture the heart of foodies, protect the food, and be a game changer for your restaurant? By following points, you can capture foodies’ attraction: 

  1. Emotional Engagement
  2. Vintage-Inspired Designs
  3. Transparent and Clear Labeling 
  4. Personalization
  5. Increased Portability
  6. Minimal Design

Vintage-Inspired Designs

Vintage refers to any design that is ancient and feels traditional. It gives nostalgia to relive the memory of precious old times and smoothly evokes delightful emotions. People love to visit the time when they live a simple life and vintage design helps to that. It gives your brand a classy traditional look of the 90s, 70s, or 80s, or older than that. You see ice cream boxes are printed with this style and customers love to eat their ice cream while enjoying the packaging.  Moreover, custom pizza slice boxes can get vintage old times of Italy to represent the culture of where the dish belongs.

Transparent and Clear Labelling

We all are very conscious of getting healthy and hygienic food. People when picking up the eatery item often see the ingredient content on the back of the packaging. Based on research, 38% of the people in the market are inclined towards buying the newly launched product having clear product information. Today people prefer to eat purely organic food without any chemicals or preservatives. If it is written 100% organic then you will receive so many responses from the customers. With transparent and clear labeling, customers can easily read your food information content. 

Increased Portability

In this fast, complex, and busy world, everyone is up to something, and makes everything easy to make things simpler. People, especially youngsters, adopt an “on-the-go lifestyle” to get food that has convenient packaging.  They are easy to grab, hold, carry, or open. Restaurants are investing extra effort to meet the customer needs.  For instance, McDonald’s is adding a unique style to fast food packaging boxes for the ease of customers by introducing McBike boxes. These boxes allow bikers to easily hold them. 


Without personalization, every product seems useless and boring. Moreover, it is a must for food packaging to get customized packaging to make your food more mouthwatering. It will help to advertise your brand. For instance, if someone orders a pizza and sees the Domino logo on the packaging, this will easily help them to take their name while recommending it to others. Further, as trending, people usually take photos of custom pizza boxes and post them on social media, a platform leading toward the branding.

Minimal Designs

Whether it’s about the content or the design, both things when they are less used in the packaging make your boxes more attractive. It is the psyche of the people that they are more attracted by the colors rather than the design and data on it.  We also have often heard the phrase “beauty lies in simplicity”. The minimal design with bright colors features beautiful packaging. You must have seen Starbucks, they only have a logo printed on the front side, and that’s it. So do not make your customers confused while seeing your complex design rather make them enjoy and remember your food with attractive packaging. 

Emotional Branding

Studies have shown that people are more interested in the emotional branding than the information content. This is the reason that inspires them to buy. You are offering more than just a product and consumers want to see what speaks to their minds beyond just having a still image of the product. 

Various brands with creative taglines to images and designs provoke fun or motivational emotions that incite them to buy the product. Thus people love to see the packaging that entertains them. You can print the animated movie character “Nemo” for the custom fish n chips boxes to make the kids feel happy and excited when they see it.

Summing Up The Blog

You should be aware of the trendy designs of custom food packaging boxes in the market if you are running a cafe, fast food chain, restaurant, or any eaterie shop. This blog has given you an idea of how fascinating, easy-to-go packaging you can build by taking examples from leading restaurants. These amazing designs and styling tips can enhance customer satisfaction, and branding and increase your sales margin.