6 Unusual Business Ideas in 2020

The Post COVID-19 situation has brought some variations to all sectors as well as business policy. Business strategies’ ideas can be changed according to world environmental trade conditions. The present condition of business policy is getting changed after the post-COVID-19 period. The total landscape of the world is quickly changing day by day.

Social distancing for the COVID-19 period accelerates the dependency of the online market among the whole world. As a result, the changes in this new condition have brought some advantages and disadvantages to the people. Besides business policy, systems and methods are also changes for this pandemic situation. So people have to adapt to this new condition of business policy.

Here are some new business ideas during this condition:

Online courses

You can share your suitable subject knowledge or expertise online to create online courses. If you have proper expertise knowledge you can share with different online platforms to grow your popularity as well.

Building an online course platform, you have to find and offer those students who are searching for online courses on different online platforms. You can build an online community via online social media to spread your popularity among the students.

After finished some courses you can accommodate some special offers like free courses which would be a profitable step in your online course career.


At present millions of people use podcasts. It is a kind of digital broadcasting media consisting of individual episodes on a variety of topics. A podcast is an audio file that could be on a specific topic like sports, business, travel, and so on.

People can download it and can be listened to a computer or laptop. In this business, you have to plan your episodes and gather other necessary tools firstly. Then you have to register for a host to broadcast and distribute your audio file to other podcast networks. There are plenty of podcast hosts for your suitable choice.

Online sell

People have to depend on online buying and selling products in recent times. You can find every item online through some online shopping sites. Some sites can deliver items internationally online. Online selling can increase its popularity rapidly. It allows you to reach all kinds of customers online.

Car buyer

People cannot do daily works properly without having a personal vehicle. Public transportations can be a solution here. But public transportations have own fixed routes. They cannot go everywhere by public transportations because of their different routes for different types of works.

So, they need to buy a personal car to do their daily jobs properly. Before buying a car, customers should have some plans to buy a car including selling an old car, the type of vehicle they want, budget, conditions, license, other necessary costs, and so on.

Selling an old car can be a profitable step to buy a new one. You have to find a suitable car buyer to take your legal profit. The profession of buying and selling old cars can be a profitable job if you would able to run it professionally.

There are some professional car buyers like cash cars buyer where people can take their legal profit that would help you to learn about the business policy as well.

Fashion design

Fashion designers are experts on clothing and its accessories. As a designer, you have to be conscious about aesthetics and context very much. Your work varies from a different culture and different attitudes.

Fashion designers have to maintain the current trends of fashion and conduct the research according to that trend. You have to attempt to design clothing functionally as well.

Social media manager

People who are spending too much time on social media can join this type of job. Lots of online social media websites are searching for members to advertise their websites online and increasing their online presence period.

The popularity can be increased by an online presence schedule. You can search this type of online jobs even as sides work. Besides covering the overtime schedule, you can update your career also you can create your brand.