6 Useful Tips for Digital Signage Content Design

Digital signages have changed the way information is communicated. It is no longer about static messages or boring visual imagery until a new billboard replaces it. Digital signages allow businesses to interact with their customers in real-time, where the content can change according to different needs and requirements. But the more dynamic the medium is, the more challenging digital signage design becomes. What you display must be crisp and convincing and convey everything you want to communicate with minimum fuss. This is why designing creative signage is an art that needs to be understood and implemented smartly. 

Here are some useful tips for the best digital signage design

Know your target audience

Knowing your target audience is important for every business. It is all the more important when it comes to designing digital signages. You must decide who will be looking at your signages and determine its design and content accordingly. A brand that targets teenagers will have a different signage design than a brand whose target audience is more mature. The imagery, lingo, colors, and display tone will differ according to the target audience’s demographics. It is also important to know where these displays will be placed. Their positioning will also decide the kind of content design it requires. A display placed at an airport will have a different tone than in a supermarket or a conference room. 

Be bold and be Creative

The history of marketing and advertising is filled with creativity won the audience’s love and attention. So, never be afraid to be creative and think out of the box. Sometimes, a bizarre idea that looks totally out of place manages to grab maximum eyeballs. Using humour, bold images, huge fonts, catchy punchlines, striking pictures always work. Don’t hesitate to go beyond the defined rules. You can even use memes, social media feeds, animation, etc. They make for attractive visual imagery. 

Never ignore the importance of visual punch

The bigger, the better always works with digital signages. Images and other visual elements that glaringly attract attention often work. The easier it is to see and understand the image, the better are the chances of it getting noticed. So, include larger-than-life images, give them an extra flair by using bright and flamboyant colors, introduce new visual techniques that aren’t commonly used everywhere. Such captivating visuals will greatly impact the viewer’s mind as visuals remain with us longer than the text. 

Have a solid call to action

Now that you have your audience’s attention, what is it that you want them to do? Your digital signage design should provide a strong and clear call to action so that it results in conversions. It should be crisp and clear. Be it a call to have your customers visiting your website, store, social media pages, or an invitation to make the best of a promotional campaign, it should give them specific information about how and why they should do it. Strong, positive messages and the usage of convincing words have the power to influence positive action. 

Choose appropriate fonts 

Even though most people will concentrate more on visual images than text, using the right content is extremely important. Keep your sentences concise. Use easy words, catchy phrases that often rhyme, assertive tone, or even popular phrases that resonate with the viewers to create a lasting impact. This should be coupled with smartly chosen fonts, sizes, and colors. There is a definite science behind every font and why a particular font is used for a specific purpose. Understanding these nuances is considered digital signage best practice and your designer must know about it. 

Never underestimate the importance of white space

Too much is never too good for digital signages. It is important to give the eyes a break from other over-the-top visual elements, and properly integrated white space in digital signage can provide that. Utilizing white space efficiently and effectively is considered one of the most important aspects of designing, and your signage should utilize white space effectively. Too cluttered a layout will reduce the attention span as it is difficult to comprehend too much information all at once. Using white space will provide a necessary visual break and will also let the viewer know which part of the signage is important. 

One of the primary motives of all businesses while installing digital signage is to attract maximum eyeballs, and the above-mentioned points can help you achieve that. While smart planning, correct implementation, and the right design are imperative, it is also important to use the best quality screens to further enhance the visual appeal of digital signages. And this is what Cube Video Walls provide. They deliver top-notch quality screens to create an immersive digital experience helping you stay ahead of your competitors. 

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